Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The good and the bad

There's been a lot going on around here (when isn't there?), and I find myself behind in blogging once more. So I'm going to tackle the last few weeks in bullet style:

The Good:
  • My little "nephew" Ayeresam from Ethiopia is home with his family. I CAN NOT WAIT to meet him in person. Words like "handsome" and "beautiful" don't even do him justice. Click here to watch a video that his Daddy Jake created. If you're in need of a good cry, it will do the trick.
  • My other "nephew" (who just happens to be Ayeresam's cousin) Samuel was born last Monday. My BFF Alison put her heart, soul, and body into bringing that boy into the world, and I was in constant awe of her amazing attitude when things didn't go as planned. He is a handsome little son of a gun, don't you think?:
(Sorry this pic is so little...I copied it from Beka's facebook and I'm a little internet dumb...)
  • My brother Jimmy was able to spend some time with Delaney as he was traveling on business. He adores Delaney, and I'm pretty sure that the feeling is mutual:
  • We had a few friends over the other evening, and Delaney got to spend some time with her Valentine Ben Miller. Pretty cute, eh? (I've been watching the Olympics a bit...):
  • Steve and I were able to go out to dinner and ice cream for Valentine's Day. We hadn't been on a date in awhile. It was a sweet day, nothing showy, just like our love. Awww...
Ok, now for The Bad:
  • Steve got a pink slip once again. But he was able to contest his hire date, so now he's much closer to the top when they eventually (hopefully) begin calling people back.
  • Delaney is sick, again. We have been to Kaiser 2 times in 3 days. She's very lethargic, won't eat, and has lost weight. Which isn't really great for a kid who still doesn't register on the growth charts. Basically it's just a nasty cold that needs to run its course. Thankfully, I'm home this week. Please pray that she begins to feel better and her appetite returns.
So, there you have it. When you look at it this way, there's much more good than bad. We have faith that God will continue to see us through both the good and the bad.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catching Up

There's been a lot going on around our place. Delaney was dedicated this past weekend at church and my parents came down for the event. I'm waiting on those pictures (of course our camera was out of batteries during the service!), so here's a few to tide you over until then:

Bubbles, yum!

Looking dapper with Grandpa in the bibs

This is what we look like when we eat. Food everywhere, especially in the hair. Look at all those teeth!