Monday, August 27, 2012

Visits & Visitors

 I want to state publicly that I haven't completely given up on blogging. I really love the idea of blogging, and I even really enjoy writing. However, life always gets in the way of my best intentions, and this blog often suffers the consequences. Since the blog is a digital scrapbook of our family's life, I'm going to attempt to get back into the swing of things. Just think of my summer break from blogging as a sabbatical of sorts.

We have enjoyed our summer immensely, and have had a slew of friends and family pass our way over the last few months. The visits aren't over yet, as my brother Jeff and sister-in-law Evie will be stopping at our place for a day this week in between flights from New Zeland and PDX. The kiddos love having friends over, and don't quite know what to do with themselves when we attempt a quiet family night at home. Oh, the plights of our little socialized beings.

Grandpa stopped in while on a business trip, which is always great fun. We get our freezer stocked with ice cream when he comes. Enjoying ice cream with Grandpa is one of Delaney's favorite past times.
My best friends and their brood were down in Anaheim celebrating Grandma Kiker's 80th birthday. We couldn't pass up an opportunity to see them, so we crashed Grandma Betty's party. Don't worry, she was cool with it. As usual, we attempted a group shot of the kiddos, and as usual, a sub-par photo is what we got.
This photo wouldn't be so bad if Miss D would just put down the DING DANG BALLOON!

I think this is the best shot we got. From L-R, Jack, Sam, Delaney, Jude, & Ayeresam
Not too much later, my brother Jimmy and his enchanting girlfriend Jessica came to visit. Jessica is a lovely gal and I will punch Jimmy in the face if he screws this up.
Delaney likes to play hard-to-get with her Uncle Redneck, but she really does love him.
Oh, and these two girls. They are my sisters. The Lances now live in Redding, but whenever Kari, Alyssa, and I are together, it's as if no time has passed. I really love these two.
And the Dorrs came back down to visit, and our kids had some quality bonding time. Actually, they really did have fun and played together in real life.
What fun it was to have some of my very favorite Oregon girls together once again. I think the last time we were reunited was at Caralee's wedding some 11 or so years ago. Beka, Alison, Caralee and I go way back. Waaaaay back.
Please forgive the terribleness of these pictures! Our friends the Pools and the Staffords came to play one hot summer day. The kids entertained themselves by creating mud cakes on our sun-parched yard.
Delaney LOVES Baby Hank. But I'm not sure how he felt about getting so dirty.
And Baby Elliot is a treat for the senses. Such a gentle little man.
Our dear friends the Millers live at the beach. Why don't we go there to play more often? Delaney and Ben LOVE one another.
Ben, Emma, Jude, & Delaney. All looking at the camera. Is it totally unreasonable to force these children into arranged marriages?