Friday, August 27, 2010


It's been very hot here this week, so Delaney and I have been trying to fill our days with fun activities that keep us cool. We both go stir crazy when we can't get outside to play, so we're trying to be creative. We finger painted yesterday, and now that's all she wants to do. She's a budding artist, but she mostly enjoys painting herself rather than the paper.

She's painting her belly button, eww!

Thanks to the heat, teething issues, and getting adjusted to Mommy being back at work every other week, it's been a really challenging week with Delaney. A really challenging week. But I don't want to spend all of my time blogging about the frustrations of motherhood. When I look back over my life, those aren't the things I want to remember. What I do want to remember are the little things like the way Delaney tries to sing her ABC's and how much she loves to dance to Beyonce's Single Ladies. These are the things that keep me smiling throughout the tiring days.

And finally, we had our 16 week appointment for Baby #2 this week. Here's a picture to prove to you that I really am pregnant and not just getting chubby. The baby is doing very well, and starting to go a bit easier on me.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A little dose of Delaney

School has officially started for me (Karen), and Steve's students come back on Monday. I'm having a hard time getting my brain into school mode, especially because it's August. Mondays are tough, and tonight I'm mourning the loss of my summer. So if you're having a case of the Mondays like me, maybe this Delaney fix will help you out.

This is her new "cheese" face when she sees the camera. Totally natural and not at all posed.

Why are little girls predetermined to love pink and play dress up? I am already losing the battle...

Anytime there's a box/tub/container remotely Delaney-sized, she's in it.

Steve dressed Delaney today and had a photo shoot. Go Mr. Mom!

What are the chances that the next kid will be this cute? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Santa Barbara

Way back in July we traveled to Santa Barbara to meet up with my best friend Beka, her hubby Jake, and their baby boy Ayeresam. Jake's Grandma lives in SB, and she is the picture of hospitality. She hosted us all in her new beautiful home, and spoiled us just like we were her own grandkids. Grammie (that's what we all call her) is the kind of lady that I hope to be when I grow up.

Of course we forgot the camera, but Jake was present to document all of our shenanigans. Have I ever mentioned that he's a very talented artist, photographer, all-around-awesome guy? He is. Take a moment to check out Jake's work.

Ayeresam took a liking to Rowdy Uncle Steve

Taking a walk in Grammie's lovely neighborhood

This kid loves to slide

Young, summer love

This will be so fun to show them when they're in middle school...

Seriously, who doesn't love Steve?

It's always a party when you put two babies in a box

Grammie treated us to a trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo. This was one of the few moments when Delaney was compliant in holding Daddy's hand.

Delaney & Ayeresam are checking out Grammie

The happy Dorr family. I really like these guys.

We took a trip to the beach. Ayeresam & Delaney ate their weight in sand.

Check out Laney's sand mustache. Pretty nice.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Me & him; him & me

Today marks 8 years of being hitched to that guy. To say that it's been a good gig would be an understatement.

We celebrated our anniversary by escaping to San Diego for the weekend. We spoiled ourselves rotten, which is not very much like us, but very much needed. We took a nap, had dinner in a restaurant that required a reservation, and it was so nice to eat a meal at our leisure. Steve took me to dessert at the Ghirardelli ice cream shop, we went to a movie, and we even slept in past 6am the next day. Pure bliss.

Thank you, Stevie, for making my life more wonderful than I could have imagined it.