Thursday, June 25, 2009


Anxiety is what I'm feeling about our upcoming airplane ride to Oregon. I'm anxious because of the potential of this occurring on the teeny tiny plane:

There we'll be, attempting to pacify our screaming baby, with a very limited amount of space to bounce, walk, or sing her into a less frenzied state. And people will stare and we'll pretend like we don't care, but really, I do.

Delaney has made some great improvements these past two weeks, and I've heard that going on vacation (while very much needed) can often put you back at square one. But, millions of people have traveled with a temperamental baby, and you never hear about that on the news. I'm sure we'll all survive.

Any words of advice? And please don't tell me to drug my baby with benadryl. That's just not going to happen.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Casa de Delaney

Now that Delaney is 3 months old, perhaps it's time to finally show her fans pictures of her room. Here goes...

Here's Delaney's bedding that I made--her quilt and bumper. Very sophisticated and not too frilly. Delaney seems to enjoy the view.

See how the curtains match the bumper? Yeah, I planned that. The rocking chair belonged to my mother-in-law and was used to rock my cranky husband to sleep when he was just a little peanut. Now it is used to rock his equally cranky peanut to sleep. Aww...

Yeah, this isn't the greatest shot, buy you get the picture. The changing table has a sweet story to it--the dresser was my great uncle's and was refinished for me many years back by a family friend. It didn't have the right feel to it for Delaney's room, so Steve stripped it down and refinished it once again. The top portion of the table was created by Steve's dad and stained to match. Those Dunlap men are quite handy. The fun little paper mobiles were created by an etsy artist and Miss Delaney loves to stare up at them. 

Nothing too exciting here--a diaper stacker, pretty hooks to hang baby carriers and whatnot, and lots of books. Delaney will love to read--she really has no choice in the matter. We've already started by clapping out syllables (I haven't taught in a few months and I have the itch already!) and have a nightly bedtime story. 

Yet another picture of Delaney's pretty crib with her mobile and wooden name. I decoupaged the letters and I think they look lovely. The vintage Beatrix Potter prints were purchased 3 years ago at an estate sale and I finally got to put them to use. I'm very happy with how they look in the room. 

Father's Day

We celebrated Steve's first Father's Day this past Saturday. I had grand notions of a special day, and wouldn't you know it, nothing went as planned. Delaney sure does love calling the shots, and while being bossed around by a 3 month old baby gets pretty old, this is our life and we're working on being flexible.

Delaney and I got Steve a Kelty baby backpack for being the best Dad ever, and Steve was practically giddy with joy. I had planned a fun little hike, but a fussy teething baby and hot Riverside weather changed our plans. Steve still had fun toting Laney around the house and yard. Regardless of how I wanted the day to turn out, we still had a great time together as a little family unit. Delaney and I are the luckiest ladies in the world to have Stevie in our lives.  

Pretty much my 2 favorite people ever

Lookout, Delaney's going to mess you up! She's one tough cookie. Check out that corn!!

I guess you could say that she likes her Daddy a wee bit

And here are a few pictures to prove that Delaney doesn't spend all of her time crying. Her temperament is improving, I promise!

Check me out, I'm 3 months old!

Dang, she's one cute bug!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life at the Shire

Way back in March, my family came up from Oregon to meet the teeny tiny baby Delaney. While my mom was waiting on me hand and foot (THANK YOU MOM), my dad and brother Jimmy needed a guy job to do. So they planted us our garden that we had intended to plant but never got around to. You know, because we we were busy having a baby.

Steve has been busy being a little farmer hobbit. Here are some pictures to prove it. You can see my shadow in many of the shots--evidence that I really am the worst photographer out there. Well, maybe not the worst. I'm pretty sure that I'm better than least for now.

They also planted us a wee little orchard! Nectarine, lime, lemon, orange, and avacado trees now grace our fence line.

Here's a shot of some of our corn, pole beans, and herbs.

Tomatoes, basil galore, cucumbers, carrots and green onions.

Side shot--check out those green onions!

Corn and some sweet peas (psst...DON'T eat the sweat peas!)

Farmer Steve and his green onions

2 Monkeys...& 1 Brundibar