Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We've been up to a lot lately. We just returned from a week long visit to Oregon, which included lots of food, snow, good family time, and being trapped in a car with a toddler infatuated with Dora. Many, many hours of listening to Dora. Which is infinitely better than many, many hours of listening to Delaney cry, right? A post about our Thanksgiving trip is on my to do list.

In the meantime, here are a few photos documenting what we've been up to this November.

This kid loves to do art. She's in her element when she's at her easel.

She hates having dirty hands...except when she's painting.

Our 1998 Plymouth Breeze. Back in the day, it was our "good car." We've planned on driving it for as long as possible; sadly, that day came a few years too early. A blown head gasket that would cost more than the worth of the car forced us to say good-bye to the Breeze. It was an emotional farewell for us, but on the upside, the VW Squareback may actually get a new engine. We're not happy around here unless we have multiple projects on our hands.

This is me. I haven't posted any belly shots in a long, long time. I'm 29.5 weeks in this picture. Jude seems to be a happy, moving and grooving little guy.

Family portrait. We look awfully tired. That's what happens when you spend 23 hours driving in a car together over the span of 2 days. But we look happy, too, because we are a happy little family.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Delaney Video

Delaney in her Halloween costume.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This was a very busy Halloween weekend. Of course we didn't take any pictures of the activities that we participated in, but we do have pictures of Delaney in her costume. In deciding what Delaney should be this year, I took into consideration the fact that (a)I did not want to make her a costume that she would most likely wear once, and (b) I didn't want to purchase something at the store that she would most likely wear once. So I looked into her closet and concocted a cowgirl costume that turned out pretty rootin' tootin' cute. The red gingham shirt was mine when I was a child, which made her costume that much more special. The boots and hat were purchased by Grammie and Grandpa, the dress was a birthday present, and I bought the vest for $1 at a consignment sale two years ago. Score!

Posing with her stick horse

We fought over that hat all night long!

Her special pumpkin, shipped all the way from Hood River.

Cowpoke Delaney, full of mischief.

Her trusty sidekick Brundibar

Go ahead, gobble her up. I know you want to.