Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Delaney's Birthday Video

Here is a quick video from Delaney's birthday party. It was lovingly put together by one of our close friends, Mike Rodriguez. Enjoy!

Delaney's 3rd Birthday from Michael Rodriguez on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

iPhone Dump

I just realized that I haven't dumped photos off of my iPhone in months. So here's a smattering of images of our lives from the past few months. If you're my friend on Facebook, you've probably seen many of these pictures. Enjoy!

My beautiful, wonderful, dear friend Caralee (Eddleman) Weber and I were reunited about a year ago and it's been so sweet having her back in my everyday life. We all have Disney passes and have been enjoying the beautiful California weather together.

See, look--we're at Disneyland! (You're going to see a lot of Disney pictures coming up.)

Delaney was gifted with a beautiful pair of handmade fairy wings on her birthday by our friend Krista. So beautiful!

Delaney requested ladybug cupcakes for her birthday. Mission accomplished.

This is how much Steve loves his daughter. And how much he loves his wife.

The cable on the shifting console in our Saturn Vue snapped on my way to work last week. Good times. So I got to drive the VW. I love this car, fumes and all.

Oh, these two. I love these two.

Look--Disneyland again! With our adorable little friend Josiah.

Mickey and Delaney

Here's our attempt at a group shot: Josiah Robinson, Jude, Delaney, Harper Robinson, Josh Lance.

We took a family hike up Mt. Rubidoux the other morning. This kid is such a morning person!

Now that J. Billy is a year old, Steve and I took the liberty of escaping for a night. We started out our date with a viewing of a live taping of the public radio show Says You! We were the youngest folks there by a good 10 years. It made for some good people watching.

This is a picture of a big boy. Oh, my poor heart.

Can I just freeze this moment forever?

This was taken on Jude's first birthday. It's been a great year.

Back at Disneyland again...Jude was TERRIFIED of the carousel. So unlike his adrenaline-junkie sister.

This night we were at Disneyland again with the Webers. I love this picture of Matt and Steve with their girls.

Baby Ellie falls asleep in such funny positions!

This girl loves to craft it up!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jude's Party: The Real Deal

I set a goal for myself to finish blogging about Jude's party before Delaney's birthday, which is this Saturday. So, please forgive me if this post lacks the usual witty dialogue. There are so many photos to sift through, and I'm posting my favorites in no particular order. After reviewing all of the pictures, I noticed that we don't have ONE picture of Nana and Papa, and they were pretty key players, seeing how the party was in their backyard. Sorry, Nana and Papa. You guys are superheros. Thanks to everyone who traveled near and far to celebrate J. Billy. It was such a wonderful, love-filled day. Here we go!

Our family, gone country.

Delaney loves her Fo-na (Fiona) so very, very much.

My brother, Uncle Redneck, came down to celebrate Jude. Here we're taking a break from the total chaos that surrounded us.

Gavin, Taylor, and Abbey, hard at work riding and roping.

Baby Town, courtesy of Matt and Tim. And Emma and Elliot.

Ben, Emma Q., Corinta, and Zoe getting crafty.

Uncle Monkey, Auntie Beans, and Grandpa teasing the birthday boy with some root beer.

My Gramps and Grams drove all the way from Oregon to be a part of Jude's special day. It meant the world to all of us to have them there.

Cutest outlaw ever.

Look at all of those presents! Now if only Jude could write his own thank you cards...

Delaney and Anneliese cheering Jude on.

Oh Ju-Ju-Bee, you're pretty great.

This guy was so into his cake.

Do you see this line? Pin the Tail on the Horsey was a crowd pleaser.

Alex stares intensely at his opponents, devising a plan to win.

The birthday cowboy enjoying a "tube steak," also known as the common hot dog.

Friends getting their grub on.

Delaney got to ring the dinner triangle and almost clocked me in the face. Aunt Joni was thoroughly entertained.

Folks just having a real nice time.

Auntie Kari and her camera.

Taryn and the sweet Baby Addy.