Friday, October 24, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Steve's Grandpa passed away this Tuesday evening. He was ready to go, and had stopped eating and drinking for over a week. We were able to spend a lot of time with him during this process and as difficult as it has been to say goodbye, we know he's better off going home than staying down here.

We've been talking and reminiscing and grieving over losing this pillar in our family. Grandpa was an amazing man; an accomplished WWII pilot, artist, photographer, carpenter, metal worker, gardener, and avid Harry Potter fan. Grandpa loved his family, and it saddens us that he will not have the chance to meet his great-grandchild in a few months. Although our children will never have the pleasure of meeting him, we will have many memories and stories about this amazing man to share with them.

Steve made the comment the other night that Grandpa was like a hobbit; he loved working with his hands and watching things grow. This comparison brought a huge smile to my face, not just because I have an affinity for those humble Middle Earthlings, but because Steve has often been compared to a hobbit himself.

We appreciate and covet your prayers for our family during this season. We know God's timing is best, we know His way is best, but it's still hard.


rev rock said...

We love you guys.
Wish we could be there for hugs and being with you right now.
We are praying for your family.

Jason Day said...

I am so sorry.
I know he meant a lot to both of you.
Our love and prayers are with you.

mme. bookling said...

is this the same adorable person who came to give the rings at the wedding?

oh i ache for the loss of this man, just from the one encounter.

love surrounds you both - a hedge of emotional boosts and soulful guardianship...

More Dorrs said...

I'm so sorry, friends. I know how very important he was to you. He was a great man.

Praying for peace amidst the grief.



JP said...

you guys are in our prayers as well, we love you.

tim said...

love you guys.