Sunday, March 1, 2009

Still Alive

Steve and are still alive, but barely. Aren't we supposed to be totally exhausted and drained after the baby comes, not before? Oh well...

I have approximately 1 million things to blog about but zero time and/or energy to do so. This coming Friday is my last day of work, so I will hopefully get to do some serious blogging soon...but I'm not making any promises. As for now, here's a bulleted list to tide you over:

  • We had another ultrasound and yes, she really is a girl. I don't think I've ever announced her name to the blog world, so here it is: Delaney Marie Dunlap. Please don't call her Double D.
  • I had blood drawn again and I didn't pass out, thank you very much. At my last Dr.'s appointment I found out that she is already in the correct down position and I'm already dilated 2 cm (TMI?).
  • With the help of my mother-in-law, Delaney's quilt is finished. It's really pretty. I promise.
  • With the help of our friends and family members, the bedroom ceilings are drywalled, painted, and ceiling fans are installed.
  • I didn't get pink slipped, but rather involuntarily transferred to teach middle school or high school next year. This news deserves an entire post, but I can't think about it without crying so I need to calm down a bit and wait until I can really explain the situation.
  • Steve hasn't received his pink slip yet but we anticipate it's coming around March 13th.
  • We attended our baby classes and now know how to bathe a baby, how to breath when in labor, and what to expect after the baby is born.
  • My grandparents visited so cal for the very first time in their lives. We had a great time, they loved our house, the palm trees, and the fresh oranges.
  • Our friend Leif visited from Ohio. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and eating tacos and waffles (not together).
  • My school threw me a surprise baby shower. Steve's school threw us a baby shower on Friday. Delaney is the most spoiled unborn child that I have ever known.
  • Steve is still working on his masters. Steve is Superman. Plain and simple.


Shannon said...

I'm so very glad you're still alive. :) I rather like you. Um, and this is only the beginning of the exhaustion. Congrats on the 2cm. She's coming soon! I saw some things at baby Gap that I really wanted to get her...but then I thought I should ask you what you need what do you need?

Also, after your sweet baby girl comes, I'd love to come and bring you dinner and clean your house. Any food requests? Allergies?

We will be praying for your jobs. We're in the same boat, and I know how terrifying and frustrating that waiting game can be. I can't believe the school change...but I suppose God has his secret plans. He'll take care of you. :)

Love you and miss you guys!

ck2m said...

Been wondering how you all were doing. Sorry to hear about the job change and hope Steve never gets a pink slip. We have been holding on breath with each lay off at Coreys job too. Glad to hear you getting everything ready for her to come. Sounds like Delaney might be here before her due date. Best wishes on a smooth and pain free birth. :)

La Rodriga said...

Oh, I wanted to chat with you this weekend. I feel your tears. Most of those are due to pregnancy, so give yourself some grace.
Mike told me about the job situation. I can imagine that you are disappointed. Kids add a new dynamic to our life and one that makes us question, "how will we afford will we work and spend time with our kids...etc.?" It's a huge chance to fully trust God and release our anxiety to him. He has been so faithful to us and somehow things have worked out and they will for you too.
Love you, my friend...

More Dorrs said...

Stink -

I wish so badly that we lived closer...especially at times like these. I miss you and it makes my heart hurt.

I can't wait till little Delaney makes her entrance. I wish Baby D was here to join her, but all in good time, right?

Love you mucho friend.


Leiflet said...

I meant to tell you-- when i went by Tio's Tacos again to get a Papaya Bebida, i noticed something funny on the building. The house to the right had a strange series of.... imitation copper fence tops on the front of the house!!

I'm not kidding. I think Tio stole your fence posts!


Good to hear an update on your lives. We are very excited about Delaney's upcoming World Premiere! And our prayers are with you regarding both of your job situations. God will take care of your sweet family - you can rest in that for sure. Our love to you guys!

christinaandbrian said...

thanks for the update! i have been thinking about you and praying for you! you guys are going to be such great parents (you already are!!!). i feel like i scared the crap out of you when you came to visit and i was a zombie. it is all worth it! i will pray that you get some rest (mind and body) over the next week or two before the little lady comes.
love you guys!! xoxo

Emily Burton said...

Hi Karen! Wow I feel like I lost touch with you after our last conversation! I can't believe you are due in 2 Weeks, sounds like she could come early. So what is the plan for working? We will definitely need to entertain each other this summer and have some play dates. I am due June 2nd. The girls won't be too far apart. I know you are super busy at this point, but we definitely need to catch up. Nice to see you are a fellow blogger. I am new to the world. I will be praying for you as you venture in to this new journey!

Annie said...

I saw Delaney's picture and she's GORGEOUS! Way to go mom and dad, let the fun begin:)!