Thursday, December 10, 2009

9 Months

Today we celebrated 9 months of Delaney Marie.

When I asked Steve what I should write in this post, he said "Tell everyone she's awesome, she's crazy, and she makes monkey sounds."

Delaney is more than just a crazy awesome monkey. She loves people and animals, especially her Brundibar dog. She crawls all over the place and is trying her darndest to walk. Delaney has this adorable deep-throated chuckle that's contagious. She is thriving away, and has become an eating machine. Recently, Laney-cat has learned that when she throws her food on the ground, Brundibar cleans up after her. She really, really likes that game.

Steve and I feel so grateful to be Delaney's parents. She challenges us in ways that I never imagined, and I constantly find myself pleading for God's wisdom. And we're only 9 months into this parenting thing. But we love every minute, every stinkin' minute.

Thanks for making our world a better place, Delaney Marie.


Mary said...

how does 9 months just drag on and on while we are pregnant, but flies by when they are here? she looks so beautiful. she is beautiful!

Shannon said...

Love it. And you. And her. We miss you.

the sealey family said...

such a lovely little lady. sounds like she exudes the joy of the lord! keep up the good work... you guys are the PERFECT parents for her. believe that even in the hard times.

Leiflet said...

I catch myself saying, Where did this crazy kid come from? He's weirder than me!

From what I understand, it just gets better and better (until they're about 13). So far, that's been the case.

I can't wait for Soren-bear to meet Laney-cat!

christinaandbrian said...

cutie pie!! is she coming to oregon for christmas???