Monday, August 16, 2010

A little dose of Delaney

School has officially started for me (Karen), and Steve's students come back on Monday. I'm having a hard time getting my brain into school mode, especially because it's August. Mondays are tough, and tonight I'm mourning the loss of my summer. So if you're having a case of the Mondays like me, maybe this Delaney fix will help you out.

This is her new "cheese" face when she sees the camera. Totally natural and not at all posed.

Why are little girls predetermined to love pink and play dress up? I am already losing the battle...

Anytime there's a box/tub/container remotely Delaney-sized, she's in it.

Steve dressed Delaney today and had a photo shoot. Go Mr. Mom!

What are the chances that the next kid will be this cute? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Shannon said...

I think your chances of a repeat are pretty good. At least for your sake I hope so...because there's a decent chance I will steal your firstborn. I just think that she would make a great little sister for Ben.

Annette said...

I have a series of pictures when Payton was Delaney's age where she sat in anything she could find, toy tubs, a casserole dish, the pantry. It was so funny! It was sweet to see Delaney doing the same thing:)

Leiflet said...

I have this fear that our next kid will be born with some outrageous physical characteristics that look nothing like either of us, and it turns out that our ancestors had some crazy genetic disorder, so we're left with a 4 foot tall toddler with kinky red hair and piercing yellow eyes. Something crazy.