Friday, February 25, 2011


Some images from the Dunlap compound...

Delaney has continued her foray into the art world. Here she's "posing" next to her Valentines that she so lovingly created.

Cousin Katie came over this weekend to play with Delaney while I did some laundry. Delaney painted a birdhouse while Katie supervised.

So much concentration...

Delaney really enjoys pretend playing. Also, she likes to dress herself.

Delaney really likes playing in the sand at the park, much to this mama's dismay.

Jude and Brundibar, meeting one another.

Life is rough when you eat and sleep all day. That's all both of these guys do. And I know this picture is going to freak my Grandma Rasmussen out, but do know that Charlie was under constant supervision.


traceyjay said...

precious! Congratulations!!! :)

Sam, Dana and Maximillian said...

Love these pictures and this update!