Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Delaney, the 2.5 year old

A few weekends ago, Delaney officially became 2 and 1/2 years old. Because we (Delaney and I, that is) love sweets, and because we started the tradition last year, our family celebrated Delaney's half birthday at Casey's Cupcakes by the Mission Inn. The half-birthday girl gravitated toward the same cupcake as last year, the very pink Razzmatazz Raspberry. Which just goes to show you that, if you ever go to battle against 2.5 year old girl and her love affair with the color pink, you will lose. No matter how hard you try.

Case in point: the pink dress.

This dress is cute, I agree. However, it's the only dress that she ever wants to wear. Delaney refers to it as "my pretty pink dress." Ick. She has such a lovely assortment of beautiful dresses, but once her eye catches sight of this one, it's all over. She insists on wearing it. Again, at least it's cute, right? I really should be counting my blessings.

Delaney and her entourage

Enjoying her cupcake

Anyway, being 2.5 years old and being Delaney Marie is a pretty sweet gig. This girl is energy, silliness, compassion, and friendliness, all rolled together into a pretty adorable little bug. There are so many moments that I think, "I just wish I could freeze this stage in Delaney's life." And then there are the emotional break-downs, tears, and time-outs that I really could do without. But overall, 2.5 years of age has been really great.

Look how long her hair has grown!

I asked Steve to put in his two cents about Delaney and he said, "She loves to make people laugh, she is so, so silly. And she's the most beautiful little girl ever." Yeah, he's a proud papa.

We love you, Laney-Cat. You bring us joy and make us proud every single day.


Annie said...

Payton had a favorite dress that she referred to as her "beautiful red dress" that was made from stretchy velvet. She wore it EVERY day and would spin and spin. It's such a sweet time. Happy half birthday Delaney!

Alyssa said...

Yes its a cute dress we gave it to her!! :) Sofia had 2 of the same dress in yellow and pink so we passed it on to you when Delaney was just a baby! She looks cute, and maybe her love of pink will one day rub off on you!