Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Bowtie

I asked Steve's Aunt Joni to share the bowtie story in greater detail. It was just too sweet to pass up!

In 1988 Steve’s Uncle Kevin and (soon to be) Aunt Joni were planning their wedding and had asked Steve to be their ring bearer.

Steve & Uncle Kevin

In the midst of all the wedding planning Steve’s younger brother, Michael, announced that he would “take the letter”. No one knew what he was talking about but he was insistent that he would “take the letter”! Finally, while watching tv someone saw the Hallmark card commercial that must have sparked his idea – a groom handed a small blonde haired boy (much like Michael) an envelope (with the Hallmark seal, of course) and he ran through a courtyard and presented this envelope to the bride who read the card and teared up – another Hallmark Moment! Michael must have thought all weddings had a card-carrier and he was the self- appointed card-carrier for his Uncle Kevin’s wedding!

Michael got, perhaps his first , suit and a bowtie for the occasion! Uncle Kevin had written a note including the words to the song he had written to sing to his bride, put them in an envelope and handed it to Michael to deliver. He proudly presented the letter to the bride who read the words and teared up – truly a Hallmark Moment!

Aunt Joni & Mike

In 2011 Mike and Arlene were planning their wedding and his nephew, Jude, was to accompany Arlene’s nephew as the ring bearers. Thanks to Nana Marsha for finding the bowtie so that Jude could wear it in his Uncle Mike’s wedding, who wore it in his Uncle Kevin’s wedding. The Bowtie Tradition has begun!

Uncle Kevin, cranky Jude, & Mike

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Christina Ellis said...

I love that that bowtie has such a neat history! So awesome!