Thursday, November 10, 2011

October, Part 2

We had the privilege of hosting Grammie, Grandpa, and Uncle Jimmy in our home a few weeks ago. We had a lot of fun doing harvest-y and Halloween-y things together, and my dad chopped down a tree in our front yard. But that's another post for another time. Here are some pictures of our adventures:

Grandpa and Grammie thought that Jude needed to man-up and sink his chompers into some meat. So we blended up some chicken (did that make you throw up a little bit?) and Grandpa had the pleasure of dispensing it. Jude loved it.

We went to Irvine Regional Park, which was just wonderful. They have a great little zoo, a train, pony rides, and they also host a "pumpkin patch." In regards to the patch, to quote my mom, "At least the pumpkins were placed on dirt and not on concrete." Yes, we're pumpkin patch snobs.

Floating Delaney and Jude heads

Scarecrow girl

Uncle Jimmy and Delaney on the train

Apparently we like the color orange.

Delaney had the time of her life on the pony with Uncle Red Neck.

See what I mean about orange? Baby Beaver Believers in training.

Nana and Grammie had fun bringing Delaney's Halloween costume, Super Kitty, to life.

And here's Super Kitty herself. I could have died with pride.

In other Halloween-y news, Grandpa got to carve pumpkins with Delaney and Steve. We talked him into creating his specialty from my childhood, a cat. I love how focused my dad is, and how silly Delaney and Steve are.

The jack-o-lanters, nestled next to the very special Delaney and Jude pumpkins shipped directly from Rasmussen Farms.

My parents and brother also got to experience their very first Trunk-n-Treat at our church. It.Was.Crazy. THOUSANDS of people kind of crazy. But it was also so fun and I think that my folks had a fun time watching Super Kitty and the Cowboy in action.

Grammie and the over-tired Cowboy

Grandpa and the kids in their bibs

I think she likes this guy

Thanks so much for visiting, Grammie, Grandpa, & Uncle Jimmy! The countdown to Christmas in Oregon is on!

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