Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas in Riverside

We celebrated Christmas with our Riverside family the day before we left for our big Oregon road trip. Nana, Papa, Uncle Monkey, Auntie Beans, and our little family gathered together to exchange presents and to feast ourselves on tamales handmade by my neighbor. Delicioso!

What with his busy schedule this time of year, you can imagine our surprise when we learned that Santa had made a special delivery to Nana and Papa's house. Santa made a special before-Christmas-delivery for one very excited little girl:

A mustache, just like her Papa!!!

Some background info: One day I asked Delaney if she would like to visit Santa and sit on his lap. Steve and I have been back-and-forth with the Santa issue, but Delaney learned about Santa on her own and is now a believer. So I guess that's what we'll go with. Anyway, Delaney informed me that yes, she would like to visit Santa. I asked Delaney what she would tell Santa when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she responded with, " about a mustache like Papa?" This response definitely caught me off guard and I cracked up. She quickly noticed that her request got a laugh, so from then on out, "a mustache like Papa" was her go-to-response whenever anyone asked her what she wanted for Christmas.

A few weeks later, we did visit Santa, and yes, she did inform him that she wanted a mustache. I don't think Santa had ever gotten a request quite like Delaney's; he said he would do his best to deliver, but wouldn't she like a dolly? Delaney noted that she'd also like some candy, and Santa was pretty sure that he could come through on that one. So, again, we were all quite pleased when Santa made his special delivery a week before Christmas.

Papa and his girl

Papa, Nana, Delaney, & Jude

Auntie Beans, Uncle Monkey, Jude & Delaney

This was the year for dress-up clothes and princess castles for Delaney. I'm trying my best to let my girl be who she wants to be, even if that means LOTS of pink and sparkles. This too shall pass, right?

I think Nana likes finally having a girl to dress up. Here Delaney is posing with her princess dress that Nana made.

And here Delaney is posing in yet another beautiful dress that Nana made. I really appreciate that this dress is purple and blue, not pink. Good call, Nana.

Delaney received not one but TWO princess castles to play in, and of course the task fell upon Uncle Monkey to assemble them both.

Don't worry, we didn't forget about Jude. Here he is staring in his role as "Baby Monster," with Delaney as the Damsel in Distress. This game gets played a lot around here these days.

He's a pretty terrifying Baby Monster, don't you think?

I love that I didn't take any pictures of the adults exchanging presents. Once you have kids, the show is really about them from here on out. What a lucky little family we are, to be surrounded by so much love.

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