Thursday, April 11, 2013

Delaney's Birthday Week

Wow, Delaney is a lucky kid. She was seriously spoiled with (almost) an entire week of birthday celebrations. Most of you know that I LOVE birthdays, but even I was exhausted by the end of it all. Please bear with me as I now post a gazillion pictures of said celebrations.

Nana and Papa started out the partying on Thursday with a trip to the newly opened Farrell's. It was yummy, fun, and very loud.
And then came Delaney's Backyard Dance Party. It was scheduled for Friday, March 8th, and rain was in the forecast. I've already mentioned how it all turned out, but yes, Delaney's party was wet and wild. I wish that I had better pictures that captured the zaniness. 

Delaney's ice cream cone cupcakes. Printable by Little Deevas. Sadly, this was really the only picture of decor that I took. 
See what I mean about these kids getting down? Rain or shine, baby!
Birthday Girl Boogie 
We tried to congregate inside to sing and do cupcakes. It. Was. Insane.
We were rosy cheeked and chilly, but still having fun celebrating Miss D.
Delaney and Ruby Cash. These girls are more like sisters than friends!
The next morning the partying continued as we made our way to Disneyland! My Grandparents had never been to Disneyland, so it was a very special day indeed!

Delaney with Gramps and Grams, explaining that they would all be going to Disneyland together! We kept it a surprise until the day before we left. 
The Birthday Girl, as happy as could be!
In line for the "train," also known as the Disneyland Tram. Both my kids think the tram is one of the Disneyland rides. 
Auntie Jessica, Uncle Jimmy, Grams, and Gramps
Grammie and Nana with their "Perfect Granddaughter." I love that Papa is photo bombing this picture! 
And there's Papa! We were all waiting in line for It's a Small World. That's how much we love this kid.
Grandpa and Laney make quite the pair.
Grams and Delaney with their ears. I love this picture!
I was even allowed in a few of the pictures! 
Look at this hat that Grams bought for Jude! Mickey Mouse and Lightening McQueen, all rolled into one obnoxious hat! The boy loves it. 
This is pretty much how we all felt towards the end of the night.
After our Oregon family left on Monday morning, we took a day off from birthday celebrations to recoup. But on Tuesday we partied once again, this time at Delaney's preschool. I made cupcakes again for the millionth time that weekend, and Steve, Jude, and I all got to attend her birthday celebration at school. It was fun being there together, and watching Delaney interact with her school friends. And of course, Marshmallow the bunny was a big hit with both Jude and Delaney.

Our little family at FUMPS
Marshmallow and Delaney
Phew! It was such a fun and zany party week. Remind me next year to do something simple, ok?

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Krista said...

So much fun! Ryan and I are both big birthday celebrators, so this is right up my alley!! I wish I could see Delaney's birthday dress at her preschool party. It looks super cute!