Monday, June 10, 2013

Jimmy & Jessica's Big Day

My twin brother Jimmy is a very lucky man. On May 18th, Jessica Chipman said "I do" and I gained a new sister. It was a beautiful, beautiful ceremony, and my blurry photos don't do it justice. I do want to admit from the get go that I shamelessly stole wedding pics from Jessica's Facebook page. The non-blurry photos that are to follow are most assuredly not mine. 

But a few days before the wedding was the rehearsal dinner, which I had the privilege of decorating. And my hubby drove 17 hours straight to be with our family that night, which was really wonderful. And did I mention that the rehearsal dinner was at a fancy restaurant with a free steak dinner and red wine at my disposable? And also that my kids were not present at said restaurant but rather with Auntie Beka? That was a good night--and I took photos to prove it!

Some of the pretty centerpieces
More of the decor...
Perhaps the best looking part of the decorations, Mr. Dunlap.
Look at the happy couple!
And then came the big day. The wedding venue was a really cool, refurbished barn called The Green Villa Barn. Jessica's cousin and decorating team did an amazing job making the beautiful barn even more perfect for the day. I was very nervous about how Delaney and Jude would perform. They were selected to be the ring bearers and Jessica's sweet nieces were to be the flower girls. Delaney has been in a few weddings before and she's a performer at heart, so I wasn't too concerned about her. However, her brother Jude is a very unpredictable two-year old, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I am happy to report that the kids performed perfectly. They were seriously perfect. I was almost a little ashamed at how much I doubted them.
Uncle Jimmy looking at his adorable niece and nephew. 
Here they come! (So blurry!)
Jimmy and Curtis congratulating the kids for doing so well! 
Big kids! 
Now Jimmy's looking at his beautiful bride.
Isn't she lovely? 
Mr. & Mrs Lee
Much to everyone's surprise, Jimmy didn't smash cake in Jessica's face. Now that's true love!
The farmer and his wife. 
Welcome to the family, Jessica! We love you both so much.

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