Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brundibar's Saga

Here is the condensed version of the Brudibar drama:

We dropped off the pup to be lovingly doggysat at the Risinger Casa late Monday night before leaving for Oregon the next morning. The Risingers are totally dog people, so we knew he'd be in good hands. Well, Brun decided to make a run for it Tuesday morning, and he disappeared beyond view from our friends. He wasn't sighted until late Wednesday night, which is when we found out that Brun had gone AWOL. Brunie is still learning who is friend and foe, and although our friends and family went ABOVE AND BEYOND to capture the little rascal, he would not allow anyone to catch him. The decision was made by Steve and I that Steve would fly home for a day to try and nab the booger. This was an expensive decision, but we couldn't justify letting our friends go through the torture of trying to find the lost dog while we were relaxing on vacation. As Steve was walking onto his plane, he got a phone call from Kathy announcing that Heather had cornered Brun in a garage and that he was safe! Hooray! While this was nothing short of a miracle, perhaps the bigger miracle occurred when Alaska Airlines actually refunded us every last penny! Holy moly! Brundibar spent the rest of his days in a kennel...not as plush as the Risinger Casa, but that was Brundibar's consequence.

So, all of this to say, THANK YOU to all of you who prayed, walked the neighborhood, made signs, etc. to bring our gentle giant home. God bless you, Jon, Kathy, Heather, & Elizabeth. Brundibar owes you a fancy steak dinner.

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Annie said...

o my word Karen! What an amazing story, and I love that Steve was flying home to the rescue. You are such good folks, and I'm totally booking Alaska next time around b/c no airline refunds anything these days!