Friday, August 1, 2008

Family Dinner

I know we haven't checked in lately, but there hasn't been a lot of exciting stuff going on around here. We did, however, have a kickin' BBQ on Wednesday and we look forward to many more "family dinner" events. The need for deeper fellowship and community has been pressing on our hearts as of late, and we're hoping to have family dinner events at least once a month. And no, you don't actually have to be family to attend. If you were at our party and you don't see your smiling face here, please forgive me. I guess you'll just have to come to the next family dinner in hopes of making it onto the blog. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure:

Man Time

Girl Time + Scott

Caleb, Brundibar, Steve & one Coronita = How to start a party right

Sisterly Love

Kinsley & Gwyn

Mama Casey, the new baby, and Agatha

This is Josh and Nicolle. The angelic pose is the posture that Josh normally assumes. Josh and Nicolle are incredibly generous and loving friends, and all they really ask for in return is for some blog love. So here it is: we love you, Josh and Nicolle. Our lives would be bleak and meaningless without you guys.


JoshuaP said...

we are jealous. hope the two of you are well. karen, steve was on his best behavior the other night at the detroit bar. sorry it was soo late. thank you for sending him out to see me. tomfest next week. i am excited to see you...not so much for steve but that goes without saying ;)

mme. bookling said...

ahhh, family. yours/mine/ours.

i miss.

Christina Ellis said...

I just want to point out that that's Scott's beer sitting on the table, not mine. I haven't been sneaking booze to little Leila. :] Thanks for having us, it was so much fun! We love you guys!

jess mac said...

We had so much fun! The family was very building to our souls. And I know our cilantro was a huge hit!!!