Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brundibar's Saga, Part II

Brundibar continues to amaze us with his stupidity when we leave town. This weekend we headed up to Big Bear to spend time with each other and our dear friends. We enlisted the help of Steve's brother, Mike, to house sit while we were gone. We were confident that Brun would be fine this time around since he was staying at home, not some place unfamiliar. Oh, silly us. We received a phone call from Mike at approx. 2am Friday night/Saturday morning, stating that Brun had somehow escaped from the yard and was on the loose in the neighborhood. Apparently Brundibar does not enjoy the company of others when Mom and Dad aren't around. We told Mike not to chase Brundibar, and we prepared to head down the hill. If you aren't a pet person, you probably think that we're insane to drive down the mountain at 2:30 am. We're not insane; we just love our dumb brute. We arrived in Riverside at 4 am, only to find Brundibar sitting patiently outside the fence, waiting for us. We were relieved and totally annoyed. So we went to bed at 4 am, got up at 7am, and called the first dog kennel we could find. Lucky for us, The Ruff House had an opening, and Brundibar was treated to quite the posh stay. This is not a kennel, but a "pet resort," and it's a pretty fancy joint. You can even watch your dog during play time on a web cam. Yeah, it's a bit over the top, but they were so patient with Brun and helpful that we'll probably go back. Brun had to be in the play group with the little dogs because he was so scared by the big dogs. What a pathetic excuse for such a big fellow! We're pretty sure that Mike is thoroughly traumatized from watching our pets (i.e. the Amelia incident and now this) that he'll never volunteer his services again. I don't blame him in the least bit. Maybe he can babysit our human child and have better success. 


mme. bookling said...

well you can leave your human child with him until said human can use his legs to run.

it's just that you were meant to have lots of acres for your pets and humans - and this is god punishing you for living in stinky old riverside.

it's been the most delicious weather in seattle - PNW misses you.

pedronegro said...

karen and her pets. is steve as big a fan of dogs as you are of cats? or does he just love you that much...I mean I know that he love you that much but Karen "pocketknife-rockstar-lee" dunlap loves her some animals and I didnt know if steve was a dog guy.

i dont even know if i am making sense

Annie said...

You guys have the best stories ever! You can't make this stuff up!

TheEpicBeat said...


That's all I'm gonna say.

See you tonight!