Saturday, November 1, 2008

Garage sales and moldy pumpkins

So today was the day of the big sale. Unfortunately, we didn't get the ad in the paper on time, so our day started out pretty slow. Below is evidence of our boredom.

Brundibar, Karen, and our loot. Where are the customers?

We were a little disappointed at our poor start.

However, things did pick up and we were able to finish off the day with only a few bags to take to Goodwill and a whopping $76 to help with our friends' international adoption. Hooray! Please note in the above photo our super duper moldy pumpkin. Hey, California--It's not supposed to be 90+ degrees on Halloween! Your stupid weather makes our pumpkins gooey and gross. 

P.S. We have our ultrasound scheduled on Monday morning to find out if we're having a boy or girl Dunlap. We're very excited, and you should be too!


Alison said...

You guys are rock stars! Baby D is going to be eternally grateful to you and your moldy pumpkin. :)

Shannon said...

I AM excited!!!! We find out if Ben has a new BFF or girlfriend!!!

christinaandbrian said...

oh boy or girl? boy or girl?! ummm we say...BOYS RULE!

Mary said...

Yea! Baby girl or baby boy Dunlap, I am so excited... we know what we are having, but I have to keep it under wraps cause Sam's mom is coming to the next ultrasound next week and she wants to be surprised! I'm going to put in a guess: GIRL.
Have a great time!

kobbs said...

well, whatever the outcome...I will love babyD and buy the child apparel in green and brown.

Shannon said... please!!!!