Monday, November 17, 2008

I don't mean to brag...

but I'm pretty sure that Steve & I have the best jobs ever! No, I didn't say easiest job ever, becuase contrary to popular belief, we don't show up and leave when the kids do. Teaching is demanding, and anyone who thinks differently should follow us around for a day. Ok, I'll get off of my soap box now...

Anywho, one of the greatest and most frightening things about teaching (and parenting as well) is the opportunity I have to share my passions with my students in hopes of it becoming "contagious." I should know how this works, as I am the product of a very passionate father who loved sharing his passions with his kids. That's why I believe that Coke is superior to Pepsi, John Deere tractors are the best, and it is of my utmost American duty to root for the Oregon State Beavers, in good times and bad.

I am also passionate about many things, and God's creation is pretty high on my list. That's why I was so jazzed to teach a social studies unit on community resources and recycling. As we ended the unit, I challenged my students to create a 3-D animal using only recycled materials that they found around their homes. I allowed them to use new paint and glue, but that was it. My kiddos loved this project, and I was blown away by their creativity. Now comes the hard part: I told them that I would give out three awards and I can't decide on who deserves what! Will you please help me? The awards to be given are Most Artistic, Most Interesting, and Most Creative. I took pictures of my favorites in hopes that you would all give me your input. Here they are, in no particular order:

The gorilla: made out of a 2 liter pop bottle, bits of paper, newspaper and paint

The scorpion: made out of egg cartons and paint

The bald eagle: made out of a 2 liter pop bottle, cardboard and paint

The owl: made out of a gallon milk jug, cardboard, and cut up grocery bags

The elephant: made out of bottle caps (for the trunk), water bottles (legs and body), cardboard, pop can tabs, and newspaper

Here's a closing shot of the whole little recycled zoo:


More Dorrs said...

My favorites are the elephant and the owl (and you know how I feel about birds, so that is saying a lot!).


ellieherrity said...

wow! your students are seriously creative.

my choices would have to be...

the eagle for most artistic
the scorpion for most interesting
the owl for most creative

good luck!

mme. bookling said...

eagle is amazing.

so eagle for most artistic.
elephant for most interesting.
scorpion for most creative!

you cute little granola girl...what are you even doing in L.A.? I guess those pps need your example...

sarah hornacek said...

all of them are so darn cute! your kids are super talented! you've got some tough choices to make, little mama.

eagle...most artistic
elephant...most interesting
owl...most creative

La Rodriga said...

I like them all!

If I have to choose, though, I would say...

eagle - most artistic
elephant - most interesting
owl - most creative

ThePuertoRicanSlant said...

can I just say that they all deserve awards...however...umm...the gorilla doesn't quite look like a gorilla...if poop had eyes, this is what it would look like...I'm just saying!

Alyssa said...

I wish i could do 3rd grade over and have u as my teacher!!!!
owl mot creative, eagle most artistic!
I can't wait to see you!! Sunday right??

tim said...

elephant - most elefantastic
owl - totally owlsome
eagle - it should be illegal how regal that eagle is.

Kathy-Ri said...

Hey there...jon and i say this:

the eagle for most artistic
the scorpion for most interesting
the owl for most creative...

wow, our answers are exactly elizabeths answers...

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Eagle/Elephant - most artistic
Owl - Most interesting
Scorpion - most creative

andando said...

elephant-most interesting/African
eagle-most artistic
owl-most creative

Great art- these kids are good!

Casey Angulo said...

Okay. Can I just say that there is NO WAY a kid made these. Are you sure there wasn't some serious parental involvement especially in the case of the owl. That thing is just perfect. I had an art class in college and those college kids couldn’t even make junk look this good. I don't know. Am I off on this? Signed... Still disgruntled about losing the elementary science fair to over achieving parents.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Uncle Bill here.
I'm with Casey - - well not literally with - - but anywho, are you sure this wasn't a parent project? As a dabbler in the arts these kids are scary good.
What a reflection on their teacher.
Artistic = Owl
Creative = Scorpion
Interesting = Eagle

Janet picked Eagle as first. But to look at a soda bottle and see a gorilla is impressive. Maybe another category - Most Impressive?

kobbs said...

dang. I'm super impressed! I'm sure there was parental involvement, but who cares? At least the padres are learning about recycling too. Maybe now they have a fun family-bonding activity for the weekends...thanks to Mrs. Dunlap.

I can't vote for the eagle, it's too Americana.

I would declare:
Most artistic: owl
Most interesting: scorpion
Most creative: elephant

Good luck!