Monday, January 19, 2009

Get On Your Boots!

There are not many things in life that excite me, but a new U2 album turns me into a giddy little kid. It is 12:30am on Monday, and the new U2 single just premiered on their website. I have listened to it about 7 times, and I love it. I cannot wait until the full album is out; March 3rd. If you haven't heard the single yet, you can check it out here. 


Matthew said...

I might lose my fanboy status for saying this but...the new single is...meh.

They lost me at "Sexy Boots."

I guess I really want to hear them play their instruments. I wish they would do a raw, stripped down U2 album.

Will I still buy the album the nano-second it comes out. Of Course. Will I try to get tickets, Of Course.

Anonymous said...

There comes a time for old men to
just not keep trying to be hip..
Wake up U2... its no longer
a beautiful day. You have peaked.

Only christianezers will for the next
5 yrs keep saying U2 is hip along with quoting Rob Bell..zzzzz. Enjoy the bubble.

At least now the Edge will do something for us guitarists...

Joshua Solorio said...

Since the person who was anonymous is hiding from me, so i cant smash his face in for being rude to my buddies wife, i will just say this.
u2 isnt trying to be cool. They are who they are. Is the "Boss" trying to be cool? how about J. Cash trying too hard for you too? How about The cure, pretty fake?
You're an idiot.
But to end this on a kind, christian note....
Talk crap on the dunlaps (aka "my favorite people in the whole world,")
And Ill shock you.
And while Im shocking you, Ill quote you a Rob Bell leason.

Dos Dunlaps said...

Hey, Steve wrote this post, not Karen. Thanks for having our backs, Josh. Who has time to pick a fight over U2 without even stating their name? Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

i think tavo vega might be the mystery poster.

Anonymous said...

or travis solorio

Anonymous said...

come to think of it, both post are probably from josh solorio

Anonymous said...

IE bro from the south 15..enjoyed your pawnshop christianity moment. and again U2 is indeed what they are, bargain bin entertainment for the porch puppy yuppies.

ya..come smash my face, Jesus loves you soooo much,ooohhh sooo much mr naughty face smuucher.. lay off the steroids and you might live an extra
year...seriously watch your threats.
It makes believers look worse than
george bush already made them look.

btw.. steve really ISNT the wife

JoshuaP said...

i am not feeling the new single...steve hates me now.

Dos Dunlaps said...

I admit, on the first listen I was not sold either. But as I listened to it more, I found things about it that I really enjoyed. I remember the first time I heard the POP album. I did not like it at first, actually I thought that U2 had lost it. Now I love the album. I don't think you need to love the song to still love the band. We are all entitled to our opinions. If you like U2, awesome. If you don't, no problem. We should enjoy music, not out of obligation, but because we simply enjoy listening to it.

-----by the way, this is Steve, not Karen.

HEY BOSS said...

This song is completely STOLEN
from Elvis Costello "pump it up"..
Edge isnt even given sonic space
with Clayton fuxin up an out of
the pocket riff that belongs to
Bruce Thomas..

btw.. I was holding U2 vinyl at the cash register when you were pissing your pampers

Dos Dunlaps said...

If you are referring to the phrasing of the lyrics, it may be useful to go back a little farther to Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues". The phrasing in "Pump It Up" and "Boots" seem to follow the style set forth in Dylan's song..

Winchester Broseph said...

I'm talking about the beat, the vibe, the pulse, the riff...

Costello took his dylan inspiration and punk angst in creating "pump it
up". It started there, not with the sallow tamborine man..

JoshuaP said...

i remember back in the day...

when tavo messed with the beautiful mistake message board. it was funny for about 2 seconds and wasted a lot of internet space :)

anyways, i have tried and tried to enjoy the new single but it isn't doing it for me steve. i just don't think it has any punch to it. i will still go out and buy the record...just not as into this song as i thought i'd be.

Joshua Solorio said...

If this is Tavo being the "Anonymous" person, lets not even talk about "old people still trying to be hip.."

I dont know if this is a music quote or not, but i believe it goes "the pot calling the kettle black."