Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

We celebrated Steve's first Father's Day this past Saturday. I had grand notions of a special day, and wouldn't you know it, nothing went as planned. Delaney sure does love calling the shots, and while being bossed around by a 3 month old baby gets pretty old, this is our life and we're working on being flexible.

Delaney and I got Steve a Kelty baby backpack for being the best Dad ever, and Steve was practically giddy with joy. I had planned a fun little hike, but a fussy teething baby and hot Riverside weather changed our plans. Steve still had fun toting Laney around the house and yard. Regardless of how I wanted the day to turn out, we still had a great time together as a little family unit. Delaney and I are the luckiest ladies in the world to have Stevie in our lives.  

Pretty much my 2 favorite people ever

Lookout, Delaney's going to mess you up! She's one tough cookie. Check out that corn!!

I guess you could say that she likes her Daddy a wee bit

And here are a few pictures to prove that Delaney doesn't spend all of her time crying. Her temperament is improving, I promise!

Check me out, I'm 3 months old!

Dang, she's one cute bug!


Alison said...

Oh, I can't wait to squeeze those cheeks in just a couple of days!! (That would be Delaney's cheeks, not Steve's.)

Shannon said...

I CANNOT believe she is three months old already!!!

Have fun in Oregon! Let's get together when you get back (we're going to bug you about it until you say yes, so you might as well give in).

Happy Father's Day, Steve!

mme. bookling said...

She is getting big for sure, she looks like a different baby in that backpack!

Heading up to Oregon? Have fun and enjoy whatever Delaney dictates.


Alyssa said...

Man she is so darn cute! We borrowed a baby backpack for Moses and it is awesome, Dan wore him a ton when we went camping! love you talk soon!