Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life at the Shire

Way back in March, my family came up from Oregon to meet the teeny tiny baby Delaney. While my mom was waiting on me hand and foot (THANK YOU MOM), my dad and brother Jimmy needed a guy job to do. So they planted us our garden that we had intended to plant but never got around to. You know, because we we were busy having a baby.

Steve has been busy being a little farmer hobbit. Here are some pictures to prove it. You can see my shadow in many of the shots--evidence that I really am the worst photographer out there. Well, maybe not the worst. I'm pretty sure that I'm better than least for now.

They also planted us a wee little orchard! Nectarine, lime, lemon, orange, and avacado trees now grace our fence line.

Here's a shot of some of our corn, pole beans, and herbs.

Tomatoes, basil galore, cucumbers, carrots and green onions.

Side shot--check out those green onions!

Corn and some sweet peas (psst...DON'T eat the sweat peas!)

Farmer Steve and his green onions


ck2m said...

wow, you guys have green thumbs are what. We just planted our garden a few weeks ago and things are starting to come up. Have fun enjoying your Victory Garden :)

megkoo said...

I'm seriously jealous of your garden. Your baby is beautiful too. Keep up the good work Dunlaps. -Megan

Alyssa said...

I am so excited for you! That looks amazing! Wish we could share notes and garden together! love you