Sunday, September 20, 2009

For the fam

Recently my family has been hounding me to update the blog. I have been very busy with school starting up, which deserves a post in itself. So here's just two recent pictures to tide over the family:
Miss Delaney, kickin' it in her big kid high chair.

Labor Day family photo, courtesy of the Millers.


Mary said...

You are looking beautiful! And so is that little girl :)
Tell Steve he looks just nice too.

La Rodriga said...

So, why were you up at 10 something before your first full week back, silly? Anyhow...based on photo numero uno, I think Laney is going to have longer legs than her daddy by kindergarten. We, of course, know that Audrey will pass me up by that time too, but I just had to point that out :)