Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Labor Day with the Millers

Yes, I am writing a post about our Labor Day festivities a few weeks late, but that's how things go now that I'm working part-time.

We got together with our dear friends the Millers and had a lovely picnic of pollo bowls and burritos at a spectacular park in Orange County. It was a lot of fun for us grown-ups to hang out and watch the babies interact. Delaney always enjoys spending time with Ben, who just might be a potential gentleman caller later on down the road. Thanks for the great day, Buck, Shannon, and Ben!

Silly Ben!

Say what?

Ben is a good friend because he lets Delaney eat his shoe.

Awesome baby prom pose.

Well, at least the grown-ups were looking at the camera...


Shannon said...

To be fair, Ben was eating Delaney's toy.

Leiflet said...

This baby prom picture made me realize that Soren had better set his sights on more regional girls. Sigh. I'm afraid he can't fight off such big hunks as Ben.

mme. bookling said...

Ben is fatter, and therefore a superb specimen. I might love Delaney if she were to gain some weight.

Because I am sure it's obvious that I think she's totally disgusting.