Friday, October 16, 2009

Delaney's Fall Visit to Oregon

Getting her fill of fall weather while she can...

Our little trip to Oregon held many "firsts" for Delaney, Steve, and I.

Delaney's firsts included:
First time riding on a plane without melting down
First time being sick
First time crawling!
First time enjoying fall weather (seasons? what's that?)
First time in the rain
First time in a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and Pumpkin Funland

Steve's firsts:
First time attending a Beaver home game with the father-in-law
First time sleeping away from both his girls

Karen's firsts:
First time being away from Steve over night since Delaney's arrival
First time on an airplane with Delaney and without Steve

Yep, it was a pretty eventful few days. Steve, Delaney, and I flew up late Friday evening, and the babe did very well. There was some fussing, but to be fair it was close to bedtime and we all get a tad fussy when we're sleepy, don't we? The next day my mom and I headed up to my Grandparents' farm while Steve stayed in the valley to go to a Beaver game with my Dad. We were all relieved when the Beavs pulled through and beat Stanford. Whoot-whoot! We stayed up at the farm until Monday, and then Steve flew home. I went back to my parents' house and flew back in to Riverside on Wednesday. The flight home was great--Delaney did amazing, she flirted with anyone and everyone, and I was again amazed by the kindness and graciousness of my fellow traveling companions.

Delaney was running a low temperature most of the time, which worked itself out but did have me a but worried. Her appetite wasn't great and for goodness sakes, I am trying to fatten this kid up! She didn't lose any ounces during her sickness, but hasn't gained any for awhile either. Sigh.

Pictures? But of course...

Decked out in Beaver gear with Grandpa on game day.

Feeling under the weather and cuddling with Grammy

On the go with Uncle Jeff

Posing with Uncle Jimmy
My BFFs (Alison & Beka), as well as Beka's hubby and Alison's son came up to the farm to join the fall festivities. Delaney is giving Auntie Beka two thumbs up...

Checking out Great Gramps on his tractor

In the corn maze with Daddy, about to fall asleep!

With Great Grams

In the pumpkin wagon with "cousin" Jack, on the journey to find Delaney's "special" pumpkin.

Posing with the sign that was posted next to Delaney's pumpkin. The sign reads: "Please do not pick Delaney's pumpkin."

Here we are with one of the special pumpkins. When the pumpkins were just little things, my grandparents went out to the patch and etched Delaney's name into two of them. What a lucky baby!

Having fun with Grammy


the sealey family said...

you got some great shots. i particularly like the one where delaney is showing off her cool mittens. those are something else! :)

so glad it was a successful plane ride! they get easier, then harder (right around the time they are learning to walk), then easier again!

Casey Angulo said...

What a cute beanie! Glad you had fun.

christinaandbrian said...

LOVE the beaver gear w/grandpa!