Friday, October 2, 2009


Today we put on shoes for the very first time. Delaney likes to accessorize.

Not 1 minute later, the shoes were off. If Delaney is truly a baby failing to thrive, I shudder to think what amount of energy would be required when tending to a "thriving" baby. This kid does not hold still!


mme. bookling said...

Her first shoes are converse? How cute.

Also, she looks so happy.

Leiflet said...

Karen, i just read the post about Delaney "failing to thrive" and put something there. Just so you know. :)

also, Soren loves shoes, but hates hats!! I can't keep them on him, which is bad because he's this bald little white kid. Might as well just have a sun target painted on his skinny head.

I think that when our kids meet, the universe will explode with euphoria. I'm looking forward to it.

BTW, did you guys get the dress? Does it fit?

Erica said...

Delaney is so cute. I can't believe how old the kids are. Time flys.