Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas in Oregon 2009

Merry Christmas and happy new year! As you might know, we spent our Christmas in Oregon celebrating with family and friends. We chose to drive, because we're crazy like that. However, Delaney did very well in the car, all things considered. We're just now getting back to a routine and getting over the inevitable cold/flu bug floating around these here parts. After reviewing my pictures, I realized that there are very few pictures of adults, with most pictures focusing on Miss Delaney (shocking!) So, enjoy!

Delaney with "cousin" Jack. He's going to be a big brother very soon!

On Christmas Eve, my parents let Laney open one of her presents. It was a Delaney Claus outfit! However, she didn't wear her get-up too long before she upchucked her caloric intake on Uncle Jimmy. It wouldn't be the holidays without a kid getting sick, right?

We got together with the Lee side of the family on Christmas Eve. Here cousin Bailey is entertaining us all. Suffice it to say, the kiddos were the life of the party!

Grammie & Grandpa...err, I mean Santa, brought Delaney this toy Christmas morning. It roars, plays a catchy little tune, and would totally annoy me if Delaney didn't love it so much.

We headed to Beaverton later Christmas morning to celebrate with the Rasmussen side. Cousin Solveig and Delaney are both exhausted from all of that present opening business.

Delaney received this pink and noisy tea set from my cousins Solveig and Gunnar. Yes, it's pink, and yes, she loves it.

As you might have noticed from the pictures, Delaney wasn't feeling her best on our little trip. She didn't eat a lot, which wreaked havoc on my nerves as we have to weigh in (yet again) this week, and I have to count every calorie that this kiddo ingests. I thought we were past all of this Delaney-isn't-growing-fast-enough-for-Kaiser's-charts business, but I guess we're not out of the clear yet. So wish us luck with that...


Shannon said...

Dear Delaney! You are too too precious. Please eat and grow and stop throwing up your food! Your mommy doesn't need this anxiety. Believe me, you don't want to know what happens to you when you make Kaiser disappointed. I love you! Love, Benjamin

Christina Ellis said...

Leila Kate was given TWO of those noisy tea sets for her birthday. One of the teapots ended up under our bed and was talking in the middle of the night. I thought it was Scott, but quickly realized he wasn't an old British woman. It was creepy. The other set made it's way to Grammy & Papa Ellis' house to drive them nuts. ;) She really does love it, if she didn't, I'd probably run it over with my car.