Monday, April 26, 2010


A lot's been going on lately, for example...

Delaney's getting an early start on her chores. Here she is feeding Brundibar some goldfish, because sharing is caring.

Grandpa was traveling on business and was able to stop by for a visit. He brought Delaney a Pea Soup Anderson t-shirt, and if she sticks to her butter and cream diet, she'll fit into it eventually. Laney and Grandpa were "talking" to Grammie in this picture.

Delaney likes the garden immensely. So much so that she had to go and eat a dirt clod to prove it.

Lastly, see that guy with Delaney? He found out Friday afternoon that his PINK SLIP WOULD BE RESCINDED! This is amazingly wonderful, unexpected news. He was one of the very few teachers to be called back, and it's because he has a supplemental credential in social studies. As it stands now, he'll have to teach middle school next year, but we're just thankful for a job. Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and prayers. Doesn't this story sound familiar? We are so thankful (once again) for God's faithfulness and provision.


mme. bookling said...

This is SUCH good news and good timing indeed.

On another note, can I travel back in time and have Steve be my Dad? Thanks.


Alison said...

What a great little Delaney fix. Thanks for that.

And wohoo for Steve!

Shannon said...

yay for middle school social studies!!! welcome, friend.

love you guys. give that little peanut a big hug and kiss from Ben.

Leiflet said...

Oh my gosh, who is that GIANT kid in those pictures?!?!?!? I miss the heck out of you three! When do our terrors get to meet, I wonder?

I think that Steve should start giving pink slips to people. BAM. Tables turned. "Hey, i just wanted you to know that my latte was a bit tepid." BAM-- Pink slipped.

"Michael Pritzl, i'm afraid your last album was a little weak." BAM-- Pink slip.

"Ms. Stewart? Yeah, that potato-turnip-cardamon recipe...not so hot." BAM!!!!

"Oh, look honey, it's a Simpson Alumni magazine." BAM!

.escamilla. said...

steve will do just fine with the middle schoolers :)

love you guys!!!