Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby Boy

We received the very exciting news on Monday, September 20th, that we will be expecting a baby boy! To say that I was surprised would be an understatement. For various reasons, I had my mind made up that we would be having another girl. Steve and I are so thrilled at the prospect of raising a little man. A whole new world is opening up to me! Not being a boy myself, I am a little unsure of how to even go about raising a boy; however, I am blessed to have many friends that are mommies of boys. I'm sure they'll help steer us in the right direction!

If you talk to my family, they'll refer to the baby as Jimmy Doug. This is not the baby's name, but feel free to humor my Dad. We have decided on naming our little buddy Jude William Dunlap. We chose Jude because it means "praise" in Hebrew. Also, it's an amazing Beatles song. William was Steve's Grandpa John's middle name, and it just seems to fit.

According to my ultrasound and midwife, Baby Jude is healthy, perfect, and squirmy. So keep growing, little man! You have a host of folks who can't wait to meet you.


sarah hornacek said...

congratulations on a sweet baby boy! having one of each is quite fun :) kyri likes that we have "two boys and two girls." i LOVE the name Jude!

Mary said...

yea for a boy! it is such a blessing to have one of each (although, you make beautiful babies so don't feel like you need to stop at 2!) they told us campbell was a girl for a month, and when i found out he was a boy i remember crawling into bed almost devastated, thinking, what am i going to do with a boy? and now i have 3 and feel pretty blessed. get ready for ms. delaney to turn in to quite the little mama- if she isn't throwing diapers in the garbage, teach her now, you'll be happy with this later ;)

Christina Ellis said...

Hooray for babies with Beatles songs as their names! I can't wait to meet lil Jude!

Sam, Dana and Maximillian said...

WOO HOO for little boys!! Mine isn't here yet but I am POSITIVE Max and Jude would be great friendS!!!