Thursday, September 9, 2010


My dad is in town on business, so of course we hit up Portillo's Hot Dogs. My dad really likes hot dogs, as in he really, really likes hot dogs. Nana and Papa joined us as well, so Delaney was in heaven entertaining some of her very favorite people. In true Delaney fashion, she did a lot of socializing and very little eating. Unless you count ketchup. She did eat a goodly amount of ketchup.

Why waste time eating when you can perform for an audience?

See what I mean about the ketchup? How many calories exist in ketchup?

Action shot of Nana Dunlap and Grandpa Lee

Daddy and the Bug

Pretty much my favorite Father-in-law ever :)

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ck2m said...

Next time mix the ketchup with your favorite childhood food butter and then you don't have to worry about calories. I bet your next little one will be gordito.