Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We have kids. Plural. As in more than one child. This information still blows my mind. When did we become grown up enough for kids? Who knows when it happened, or even if it ever did happen. Kids are the new normal for the Dunlaps now.

As mentioned previously, Delaney loves her Baby Jude. The bottom photos illustrate the sibling love going on in this house.

Giving Baby Jude a kiss...

Baby Jude's not so sure about the love...

Jude: What just happened???

I know we all enjoy watching Jude grow, so I intend to take a picture of him every month in the wagon. Here are a few first month favorites:

Poor Jude. He can cry all he wants, but this is happening monthly! I was hoping to get a better shot of the handsome guy, but he is still a newborn, so chances are if he isn't sleeping or eating, he's most likely crying. He is such a good sleeper (knock on wood), so I know I shouldn't complain about the few hours of fussiness that are bound to happen. Jude's fussiness doesn't quite rival that of his sister's, and for that I thank the heavens above.


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Annie said...

We have pics of Payton snuggled in our bed with a propped up baby Jonah next to her, and I love them, Payton with her curly hair, Jonah with his huge eyes peeking up over his big belly...I didn't feel like a grown up till I became a mom, it always felt like Trav and I were playing house and weren't fooling anyone, and then we became parents and we grew up. Welcome!

Positive Thoughts said...

I must say that you are good at photography. These are angeles. God bless you.