Thursday, March 31, 2011


Delaney's birthday celebrations continued this past week with her first trip to Disneyland. Grammie and Grandpa flew down to make the event even more memorable. Nana also came, but Papa sadly had to work. We tried to keep Papa involved by texting him pictures of our adventures, but I think that might have done more harm than good. We missed you, Papa!

Here are Delaney and Grandpa getting ready to head out. Delaney's sweet friend Emma Quesada let her borrow the Minnie dress for this momentous occasion. Delaney LOVED wearing the dress both because of the Minnie factor and because it belongs to Emma. Delaney wants to be just like Emma when she grows up.

Look, Jude dressed up, too! As you can tell, he's very excited about the big outing.

Delaney loved riding the tram with her Grandmas. She thought it was a train, and trains are a pretty big deal to Delaney these days.

Mama and the kiddos...we're all pretty giddy.

You'll never believe who we spotted right as we walked into the park! Ms. Minnie Mouse herself.

And we also got to meet our favorite princess, Belle. This picture doesn't do the cuteness of the moment justice. Delaney ran to Belle with open arms and danced around a bit with her. So stinkin' cute!

Jude was a trooper a majority of the day and just chilled in the Sleepy Wrap.

But alas, we did have a few of these moments as well...

Overall, though, he did AMAZING. Do you see how cute he is?

The Dumbo ride was a big hit, with both Delaney and her Grandmas.

This was on one of the train rides. Did I mention that Delaney loves trains? She has asked to ride the train at Disneyland every day since.

On the Jungle Cruise with Grandpa. Again, it's hard to tell who's more excited in some of these shots.

Delaney is a pretty lucky granddaughter, don't you think?

The gang at the end of the day (complete with an obnoxiously large balloon purchased by Grammie). Delaney had a blast and we actually had minimal number of melt-downs. It was such a pleasant day!


More Dorrs said...

3 things:

1. your family is the cutest.
2. We once let Jackson ride the "train" (tram) from Downtown Disney and back. We never went in the park, but he was convinced he was in Disneyland. Thank you, free tram ride.
3. Your dad would be the PERFECT jungle cruise guide.


Uncle Bill said...

I'm so jealous, so jealous I tell you. I want to ride a train, and be attacked by a rodent. Visit a castle and dance with a princess. Take a jungle cruse among angry hippos. This is Hemingway stuff, not riding around Salem in a crown vic with enhanced lighting effects. Jealous I tell you!

Annette said...

D-land is still my very favorite place in the whole world, I love that Delaney's first visit was attended by the grandparents too:)