Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mother's Day and Beyond...

Mother's Day has come and gone, and I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that Steve totally delivered. He fulfilled all of my requests on my wish list. Yes, there was chocolate and Cherry Coke. And the kids were about as perfect as possible. All in all, it was a really fantastic day. Delaney and Jude "helped" Steve pick out two hanging petunia baskets for the front porch (and yes, they were pulp pots, Dad!) and also gifted me with this beautiful necklace:

My necklace came with two pearl eggs representing my two little birdies.

The two little birdies which I speak of...

This little birdie is so darn lovable!

We hosted Mother's Day over at our place and Steve, Mike, and Doug were responsible for feeding the woman-folk. They grilled us up some delicious eats and Mike and Arlene brought over this for dessert:

And yes, that is sangria in the background!

Delaney loves her Auntie Beans! Only 46 days until Beans is officially a Dunlap!

We took an impromptu Disneyland trip the other evening and have the photos to prove it! It was just the right amount of time at the park with the kiddos and we all left with smiles on our tired faces.

Waiting for the train at Disneyland. The train is the highlight of her Disney experience every time.

I was clearly more determined to pull the sword out of the stone than she was!

Happy Disney family.

Random tidbits from around the homestead:

Both kiddos are rocking the Baby Legs. Looking good, don't you think?

This is what happens when I let the toddler dress herself. Eek!

Charlie turned 6 years old the other day. I didn't remember it was his birthday until later that evening and when I went to wish him a happy birthday, this is where I found him. I felt like he was sending me some kind of message. Poor guy, he has moved down a few notches, but he is still loved dearly by all of us...Steve included.

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