Monday, April 2, 2012

Aquarium of the Pacific

It dawned on me the other day that I very rarely feature photos of Nana and Papa Dunlap on this blog, which is a crying shame. We are spoiled to have them involved in our everyday lives, and so often I forget to capture those everyday life moments on film. Which, again, is a crying shame. So, travel back in time with me to the end of December. Marsha (Nana) joined the kiddos and I at The Aquarium of the Pacific. It was a lovely day and I was having fun playing around with my Instagram app on my iPhone.

Jude, lost in thought.

This kid! She's a silly one.

Nana and her boy.

Delaney and a super-duper big fish.

This is a puffling! Here's a shout out to Nights of the Pufflings by Bruce McMillan. Thank you, third grade reading curriculum!

Oh look, Delaney got wet. Sound familiar?

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