Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Easter in Riverside was absolutely beautiful. I have come to the realization that spring is my new favorite season. Autumn has always been my go-to season, and boy did we have a good run. However, fall in southern California is just plain depressing. The weather is still very, very warm, and I am homesick for Oregon, Pumpkin Funland, and OSU football. But spring in California is a different story. Spring brings out all of the good qualities of California, it reminds folks why so many people actually want to over-populate this great state. So yes, the day was beautiful, as well as the holiday. Such a beautiful reminder of how much has been freely given to myself and my family.

So excited about their Easter baskets!

I love this picture, dorky mom bathrobe and all.

Chocolate! Easter grass! Life is swell.

This picture is awesome on so many levels.

All I wanted was ONE picture of the two of them in their Easter duds.

The Monster just wouldn't cooperate.

Steve tried to contain the little guy...

Any guesses who purchased Delaney's dress? If you guessed Grammie, you're a winner!

I really do love this ball of energy.

After church we headed over to Nana and Papa's house. Our friends Caralee, Fiona, and Ellison joined us for dinner and an Easter egg hunt.

Ellie, Delaney, and Jude. At least they were all sort of looking my way...

Look what I found during the Easter egg hunt! Caralee!

This girl is all sweetness.

Fiona's thinking about her next move...

Uncle Monkey and Auntie Beans overseeing the hunt.

Surveying the loot.

Party beads!

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Candace Morris said...

How is it that you and Steve keep looking younger and younger? That pic of Delaney pulling Jude on the bench made me laugh so hard...and the one with you holding Jude, you look so PRETTY!