Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hood River & Camping

And this blog post concludes the documentation of our family trip that happened OVER A MONTH AGO.

Of course we made a trip up to Gramps and Grams's farm in Hood River. Does anyone get tired of seeing pictures of my kiddos at Rasmussen Farms? I sure don't.

We always take pictures on the Rainbow Chairs. Always.
Gramps and Jude, inspecting the growing pumpkin patch.
Delaney and Jude got to be the first kiddos to explore the Corn Maze.
Jude was in heaven. This kid needs acreage to roam and run free.
Gramps and Grams with their Great Grandkids
Grams and Delaney, with Mt. Hood peeking out from behind.
A Rasmussen family tradition, the weighing of the baby on the pumpkin scale.
King and Delaney. This girl loves animals.
Farmer Jude
Random bonus picture: Jack and Delaney, having a bubble bath in the kiddie pool outdoors. These "cousins" love each other!
We also had the opportunity to go camping with my folks. We stayed in a yurt at Lost Creek campground in the Mt. Hood National Forest. It was absolutely beautiful and I wish that we had more time to explore.

Delaney, sweeping the yurt.
Steve and his baby man.
I love this family shot!
Sporting a very vintage Beaver sweatshirt.
Look at these happy Beaver campers!

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