Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Uncle Jeffy & Aunt Evie Visit from NZ

Some of you may have forgotten that I have a little (or, more accurately younger) brother. That's because he lives in a different country and isn't overly fond of using the telephone. But at the end of August, Jeff and Evie were stateside (that's what you say, right?) and got to spend a bit of time down here in Riverside. The last time Jeffy visited, Jude was a teeny tiny baby and Delaney was just newly potty-trained, and therefore, Uncle Jeffy got peed on. It was a pretty hectic time in our lives. I'd like to think that this time around was a bit more mild for Jeff and Evie, but we'll leave that up to them.

We didn't have much time together, but we stuffed Jeff and Evie full of all the Mexican food that they could handle. Apparently there's not a lot of Mexican food happening in New Zealand. Lots of wine, sheep, and hobbits, but not a lot of Mexican food. No matter, it still sounds like a fantastic place to be and we are desperately hoping to make a visit out there someday in the foreseeable future.

Although blurry, this is a very sweet picture. When Jeff first moved to NZ, he bequeathed his Curious George book collection to Delaney. Here they are enjoying a little George together. He also bequeathed his banjo to Jude, which Daddy has been lovingly taking care of until Jude's ready to start strumming.
We took the visitors to Tio's Tacos, this very unique Mexican restaurant and outdoor art scene. There are sculptures and art all over the grounds of the restaurant, and it's all made out of recycled...junk. I don't know how to use adequate words to describe Tio's; it's 50% pure genius and 50% totally freaky. I think Jeff and Evie enjoyed themselves.
Jeff and Evie, taking in the delights of Tio's Tacos.
Yee-haw! Delaney found some weird horsey thing to ride.  
See what I mean about the delicate balance between awesomeness  and creepiness? 
Tio's Tacos have a tiny cathedral made out of Corona bottles. Delaney was being a bit sacrilegious, don't ya think?
Delaney sandwich! 
Cheese! Uncle Jeffy is so furry.
The whole fam. We love you guys!

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