Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Day and Beyond

 Let's wrap up 2012, shall we?

As all parents very well know, a holiday is not truly a holiday unless a child is sick. And of course that was our fate. On Christmas Eve, our holiday plans were interrupted as Jude was struggling with his breathing and seemed to be coming down with pink eye. Off to the ER we went, and Jude was diagnosed with croup, received a shot of steroids, and was given eye drops for his pink eye. And if you're curious, the answer is yes, Jude eventually passed his pink eye onto the rest of us.

If you've met Jude, then you'll know that not much keeps the baby man down. Not asthma, croup, or pink eye could damper his excitement on Christmas day. We hosted Christmas dinner at our house, and thanks to a sick toddler, things didn't exactly turn out how I had imagined. Let's just say it was so not as Martha Stewart-y as I had hoped. And even though I had a cute outfit picked out, I somehow ended up in a t-shirt and jeans all day. These things happen when you have a sick little man cub under your roof. But regardless of appearances, we had a very special Christmas day spent with our family.

Setting out snacks for Santa!
Handsome J. Billy
Delaney in her special Christmas dress
This was my present from my talented hubs. He crated a gorgeous bowl for me out of a hunk of wood.
All Delaney wanted for Christmas was a Princess Ariel hair clip and an Ariel dress. Santa delivered on part of the wish--Grammie and Grandpa came through with the dress.
Sick little baby man on his new trike!
Helping to make breakfast on Christmas morning in his new apron!
On a Christmas day cruise on the new scooter. Thankful for sunny CA weather!

A few days after Christmas, my family drove down for a visit. Grammie, Grandpa, and Uncle Jimmy brought an arsenal of presents with them and we got to do Christmas all over again!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of presents...
So excited about one of his favorite presents--his very own Dirt Devil vacuum! 
Grandpa enjoying the sunny weather with JuJu at the park. 
Delaney spent some time showing Uncle Jimmy how the music chimes work...
One of my presents from my folks was a cake pop kit--a cookbook and all the supplies needed to make the yummy treats. We had fun experimenting with our delicious creations.
We did our best to cheer the Beavers to victory by watching the Alamo Bowl. We got close but not close enough. :( 
The kids spent a lot of time playing with their trains from Gramps and Grams over Christmas break. Jude has officially reached the "obsessed with trains" stage.

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Anonymous said...

We cheered those beavers on from here too! Maybe someday we can change our dads' "happiest day of their life" by getting to cheer on the beavers at the rose bowl!