Friday, January 4, 2013

Thanksgiving in Oregon 2012

Preface: I started writing this post over a month ago, I swear! I had issues with Blogger and photo space, and didn't have time to deal with it over the holidays. I'm just trying to clear my name and prove to certain family members that I do intend to continue blogging. Promise.

For the past I-don't-know-how-many years, we've switched off between Thanksgiving or Christmas in Oregon. This is an Oregon Thanksgiving year, and Steve somehow finagled two weeks off of work.  Thus, a road trip was conceived. Road trips are so wonderful in the amount of friends and family that we get to visit, but not so great in the sleep department. And really not so great in the crazy, active toddler department.

We started the day of our trip running the Mission Inn 10k Run. Did you know that I'm training for a half marathon in January? For more info on that, click here.

Anyway, we packed up after our race and headed north to Sonora. Steve's aunt, uncle, and cousins live in that beautiful neck of the woods, and we rarely get to spend time with them. We had a fantastic time playing in the fall leaves and visiting apple farms and hanging out with Aunt Terry and Uncle Tommy. We made the pledge to make the Sonora stop more frequently from here on out.

Before the Mission Inn Run
Delaney, Aunt Terry, and a hungry little goat. 
Aunt Terry, Uncle Tommy, Jude, and Delaney posing in front of the train we rode at the apple farm.
Jude showing off his big muscles.
Playing in the park and enjoying the fall weather!
After Sonora, we loaded back into the car and headed north to Redding. Of course I didn't take pictures of all of our friends and visits, but we had such a wonderful time exploring the Lance's new property and hanging out with friends that seem more like family than anything. Redding will always have a magical element to it as it's where Steve and I met, married, and began our life together.

At the Shasta Dam where Stevie proposed to me 11 years ago. 
Guess what? I'm still crazy about this kid. 
I'm also crazy about this kid. But in a different kind of way.
Our dear friends the Osbornes let us crash their home as they were out of town. Auntie Kobbs came over to play and Delaney had a great time pretending with her in the backyard. I think they were building a campfire. 
And of course we went out for ice cream. I love these girls!
And then our journey continued northward, to Portland. Our super terrific friends, the Rodriguezes, moved back to Oregon this summer, and boy do we miss them. Delaney really misses her buddies Audrey and Maddie.
Jude and his girl Maddie. 
Delaney and Audrey, two peas in a pod.
Mike and Steve, loving each other in their own way. Bummer that I didn't get my picture taken with Holly! 
After leaving the Rodrigos, we journeyed to Gresham to stay with BFF Alison and family in their new-but-old home. Man, I wish I would have taken photos! Their house is absolutely gorgeous, and we're so thrilled for them. Anyway, after Gresham we FINALLY arrived in Jefferson at Grammie and Grandpa's house. They were pretty happy to see us, and vice-a-versa. The kids got busy baking with Grammie and Steve and I basked in the free cable and endless snack goodness that is my parents' house. My mom and dad hosted a Lee family gathering right off the bat, and thankfully I took a few pictures.

"Baking" with Grammie 
Playing "airplane" with Great Aunt Janet
This was the best shot we could get! Great Grandma Lee with a majority of her great-grandkids. L-R: Olivia Vitek, Hadley McManus, Bailey Vitek, Delaney & Jude Dunlap
We weren't content to stay put for long. Thanksgiving day is traditionally spent at my Grandparents' farm in Hood River. And so, our journey continued. We had a really terrific time, and the kids especially loved splashing in the mud puddles. J. Billy was so happy to be set free to roam the fields. He's country at heart.

Look at how deep that puddle is! Uncle Jimmy is so much fun! 
Do you see how happy this boy is? So very happy.
Obviously, our family shot guns together. Grammie got to wrangle an uncertain Jude during the ruckus.  
Cousin Solveig, working it for the camera.
Delaney had so much fun spending time with her almost-Auntie Jessica.
Aunt Francie figured out the trick to keeping the rugrats content!
Back in the car and headed to Cali! Next time we'll be in Oregon it will be for Uncle Jimmy's wedding!

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