Thursday, October 31, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new.

While I know that I have months of blogging to catch up on, for today I'd like to focus on more current events. This past weekend, Steve and I sent Delaney and Jude to Saint Nana and Saint Papa's house for the weekend while we completed a room makeover for the kiddos. We have a three bedroom home, and with the advent of Baby #3 we decided to throw the big kids into a room together. It was an easy sell--all we had to do was mention the words "bunk bed" to Delaney and she was on board. Jude doesn't realize that he has an opinion on these matters, and idolizes his big sis, so he happily went for it. Anyway, we kicked the kids out for the weekend and went to town transforming Delaney's room into Delaney AND Jude's room.

I have to admit, I was emotional parting with Baby Delaney's room. I loved her orange walls, I purchased her vintage artwork BEFORE she was a little bean in my was a room that I loved designing and dreaming up. So, when the first coat of primer went onto the wall, a few tears were shed. But, change is good! I still had loads of fun dreaming up and designing the new room, and I'll get to redesign the baby's room once we find out the sex.

It took me awhile to land on a theme for the kids' room. I didn't want anything babyish, or too girly or manly. Both of my kids are country at heart, so I decided on a vintage cowboy/cowgirl theme. I still have all of Jude's cowboy party decor, which I was more than happy to rummage out of the garage's attic. I found some fantastic prints on Etsy and fabric online, and we were just about there.

Steve, however, was WAY more concerned about the peeling (possible) lead paint around the windows and baseboards than the decor--he's much more function vs. form. It's no secret that I'm the other way around. Somehow, miraculously, it all got done. And when the kids saw their new room, they were thrilled. So excited, in fact, that it took them HOURS to fall asleep. We're still adjusting sleep-wise to them sharing a room, but all in all it's been a success.

Good bye, sweet Baby D's room.

Good bye, beautiful orange walls.
Good bye, lovely peeling lead paint.
Well, HELLO happy little roommates!
Ok--this is one corner of the room. The Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls were a gift from my Grams (their Great Grandma). The same lady who made my childhood Raggedy Ann doll made these as well. Those pennants are from Jude's cowboy party, and the boots are hand-me-downs from our friends the Robinsons. 
I know the decor is hard to see, but the print is from Canter Lane Design (Etsy), a few leftovers from Jude's party, and Delaney's cowgirl hat from her Grammie and Grandpa. 
The bunk beds! Our budget only allowed for the boring Ikea bunk beds, and I do have dreams of painting them someday. For now, I painted the top and bottom red for a pop of color.

The other print from Etsy, framed bandanas in embroidery hoops, and an old horseshoe from Jenny Q's house!

The happy top bunker! Yes, she picked out the outfit all by herself. The framed horsey picture came off the interwebs. 
Oh, this sweet cowgirl. I didn't have it in me to make her a "real" quilt, so I fake-quilted her a bedspread with this wonderful Michael Miller fabric and scraps that I had collected over the years. 
The other side of the door. Nothing too exciting to report over here.

The cowboy/cowgirl curtains! That's Michael Miller fabric once again. And I highly recommend that you zoom in on this picture to see the Happy Trail sign that my dear friend Taryn hand painted.
I just wanted you all to get a close up on this great fabric.
This is kind of hard to visualize, but there's this perfect space between the windows and the bunk beds for Delaney's mini roll top desk. 
Are you bored yet? The wall color is a semi-glossy misty gray color, not blue. I really do love how it turned out and the kids have done a great job keeping it picked up. You know, all three days they've been in the room. The best part of the whole weekend was the opportunity it afforded me to go through their toys and pair down. Aah, I love that feeling! Here's to change and starting a new chapter in our Dunlap home.


Julie said...

You did an awesome job. I love it...and obviously the kiddos do too.

Unknown said...

We love it but then we are Roy & Dale fans.
Love, UB & AJ

Rachel Williams said...

Not bored a bit. Fun to share your room-change odyssey with you! Love the pic with Delaney smothered so happily and so sensually in her new quilt! Love the splash of red! Love the whole room!