Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Round 3

Steve and I are proud to announce that a new baby Dunlap will be welcomed into our family this coming March 2014. That will make for three children under 5 years old, and two strapping, young(ish) parents. Being outnumbered terrifies me quite a bit, but what's life without a little bit of suspense and excitement?

Deciding to go for Baby #3 wasn't any easy choice to make. Our home is very cozy as it is with four of us living here, we already have a healthy girl and a healthy boy, and Jude man just tires the heck out of me. Steve and I have always said that we wanted "either two or three kids," and we were both on the fence about that decision for a long time. In seeking an answer to the two vs. three conundrum, I continually asked parents of three or more children how they knew to have more kids, and the basic response was "you just know when your family feels complete." And that was the problem--Steve and I both have had "complete" moments with our little family of four. But still, we both felt so uncertain that our family was rounded out. A friend this summer said, "If you keep asking the question [Is our family complete?], maybe you already have your answer." That made a lot of sense to me, so I causally mentioned it to Steve and he said that he was having similar thoughts. So, we prayed about it and felt that time was of the essence, what with none of us getting any younger around here. And without divulging any details, I found myself pregnant that summer.

So, there you have it. We're having another baby and all of us (Delaney and Jude included) are SO thrilled. We find out the sex of the baby next week, so stay tuned. Delaney is fairly convinced that it's a girl, and Jude would like a little brother to tackle. Thankfully, God gets to make that decision for us, but we're praying for a healthy, semi-calm little person. We are overwhelmed with the love, support, and level of excitement that our friends and family have bequeathed upon us during this exciting/exhausting stage of life.


traceyjay said...

Congratulations love!

We are in that not sure stage at the moment...

Mom/Grammie/Sally said...

That "uncertainty" about having another baby is why we have FIVE! Ha ha! Babies are ALWAYS a gift! You will be so blessed! Proud of you for having the courage to do what the Lord asked of you! Big hugs!