Monday, July 7, 2008


We have been very busy around here fencing. No, sillys, not sword fighting (who would win, Karen or Steve?), but actually building a fence around our rather large and sad-looking yard. Want to see some pictures? Ok...

Family Togetherness
The Lovely Mrs. Booth (Don't let that smile fool you...she's an animal!)
Yeah, we let Cheston play with the power tools.

We're getting there...sort of.

MVP awards for the day go to the Booths, who always partake in our house projects and yet still continue to be our friends. Additional awards go to the Christmases, as my very preg-o friend brought us ice cream and her pick axe-swinging hubby, and finally, the Dunlap family. We owe Doug, Marsha, and Mikey countless hours of labor, and we love them for always being so selfless and so dang helpful. We'll continue the fencing saga as it unfolds. Also, look forward to an entire post dedicated to our pets. I thought I'd dangle that carrot over your heads to keep you coming back for more.


mme. bookling said...

oh for the day when we can offer you our free labor!

rev rock said...

you know Steve would get owned in a fencing duel!
The fence looks awesome. Keep those weird neighbors from across the street from looking in :)

JoshuaP said...

karen, you would win. steve still looks like a 13 yr old...and he is a bit of a wuss.

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Wow...look at what you have done...looks NICE.

.escamilla. said...

i got five bucks on karen.

fence looks nice!!!