Saturday, July 12, 2008

Zeke Man

Amidst the hubbub of the fencing project and our vet tech vaccinating Brundibar, our favorite kiddo Ezekiel Thomas Bono Lance (ETBL) came over to visit. Although our time together was short, it was very special as the Lances now live in Redding (the only NorCal town not on fire). Here are some of my favorite memories of the afternoon:

Although his Nana had packed him multiple snacks, there's nothing like raiding the snack cupboard at your friends' house. We made peanut butter and cracker sandwiches, and then Zeke posed with Brundibar. Zeke was sure that Brun would go for his crackers, but I don't think that my dog possess the motivation needed to move quickly enough.

Here Zeke is picking a tomato with a look of satisfaction. So, what does a 5 year old do with a tomato?

Wash it off real good in the sprinkler! I don't know why we did this, because he clearly had no intention of eating the tomato, but it was important to Zeke that the tomato was clean.

My favorite memory of the afternoon has no picture to accompany it. Zeke LOVES our kitties, particularly Imogene. This is so endearing to me because the cats have made every attempt to NOT reciprocate Zeke's affections. However, Zeke either doesn't notice and/or doesn't care, and always dives under the beds in search of the cats. I was able to pull Imogene out and plop her on the bed long enough for Zeke to get some cuddle time in. Zeke loves to pretend that he's Imogene, and I thought he'd drop the bit now that he lives 10 hours north, but no sir-ee! 

A big thank-you to Dan & Alyssa for letting Zeke be a part of our lives. We miss you all more than we can express, and can't wait for the arrival of Moses (good luck, Sof!)!


JoshuaP said...

i know karen is writing these blogs because steve can't go more than two words without being offensive :)
hope the two of you are well.

rev rock said...

Thanks uncle Steve and aunt guys are awesome. We miss you guys too! I hope Steve punched Zeke a couple times...he doesn't get his wrestle time when he's at nana and papas.

Alyssa said...

I love that Z got to spend time with you guys, we miss you and your home is home to him too.
By the way is it me or did Zeke get a bowl cut while he was in Riverside??