Sunday, July 20, 2008

What We've Been Doin'

Here's a brief snapshot of what us Dunlaps have been doing as of late:

Sir Brundibar the Pooper

I don't know when it happened, but sometime within the past decade I became a bit anal and obsessive about things being "just so." I realized it the other day when I began straighting business cards at Enterprise Car Rental. Anywho, it seems as though Brundibar suffers from the same ailment. As I was scooping up his dogie deposits left in the yard, I realized that he had pooped 4 different times in a perfectly straight line. I thought about getting out the laser level to check the preciseness of his handy work, but the sane part of my brain won that battle. I also thought about taking a picture of it to post on our blog, but I was afraid that the image might jeopardize our PG blog rating. 

The Green Giant

Many plants and various flora and fauna have lost their lives throughout the process of building this darn fence. So much so that we had collected a giant green pile of whatnot on our driveway. Yeah, our neighbors love us. This Saturday was free dump day, so we enlisted the help of our superwomen friends, Micah and Elizabeth, to help us load the dump truck. They were amazing! Steve and Mikey took the trash to the dump early Saturday morning and they didn't even stop for ice cream afterwards! Jeez! This may sound bizarre, but going to the dump was a BIG deal as a kid growing up in the Lee household. We had a special dump song that we would sing and we always stopped for ice cream afterwards. Always. Oh, those crazy Oregonians!

The Weekend Warrior

This picture is a fairly accurate depiction of my husband, complete with his weekend warrior hat (more commonly referred to as a gardening sombrero). The only thing missing from this picture is the fact that Steve is not wearing his God-forsaken Cush shirt (because it was hanging up to dry). God bless my husband and God bless his handiness. Why would we buy gates to our fence when we could make them? Why? 

The Fence, Part Duex

It's almost done! Almost!


rev rock said...

Looks awesome guys...wish I could be there to help!
Karen...back off the Cush shirt...that is sacred cotton!

MamaSue said...

Hey, Karen-as-in-Steve-and-Karen!!The fence is gorgeous, and I want to scratch the amazing Sir B all over!

Robbie wants to know if at your new house, you can still throw oranges at the cacti. That really made an impression on him.

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Wow...check you guys out. So handy and perty! Nice work people!

mme. bookling said...

i love what steve does with wood.

(that's what she said)

i am sorry but i cannot help but be inappropriate.

no seriously, he is terrible gifted at carpentry, no?

More Dorrs said...


do you really have to tell people that we used to sing a song about the dump? what other people have dump traditions?

our children are going to need counseling. for sure.


ThePuertoRicanSlant said... are my hero and I want to become your padawan in learning the ways of constructing crap...

christinaandbrian said...

first of all i love the fact you blogged about your dogs poop...can i blog about brody's because seriously there are plenty of stories. second, i love the fact you had a dump song, i can just see mr.lee now..did you go to the dump in albany?! we could have brushed shoulders at the dump back in the day...i was scared of the dump, i always thought i'd fall into the hole.....long comment sorry... or am i?!

christinaandbrian said...

oh wait it was the dump in corvallis..i bet you didn't go there. nevermind. disregard that part of the comment. but how about the ice cream...did you go to KING KONE?!

Dana said...


I am so impressed with the weekend warrior and the anal wife :) hehehe

Did I tell you yet how much I LOVE that you are blogging???!!!


Casey Angulo said...

Cool fence. Glad you have a blog up.