Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birthday Boy

Today is a big day--we are celebrating the resurrection of Christ and Steve's 29th birthday.  Two very monumental, historic events!

Steve is the kind of guy who never toots his own horn. But Steve has had a crazy year, and I would like to take this opportunity to brag on my man.

Steve has had a crazy year at work--he was selected to teach a 3rd/4th grade combo class with the GATE kiddos--that's enough to make your brain swim on a daily basis. Steve is an amazing teacher, and has done a terrific job with his challenging class setup. On top of that, he received a pink slip on the day we brought our baby home from the hospital. Not cool, California...not cool! But of course, Steve doesn't freak out. He trusts God and is a great example for me to follow.

He also has been finishing up his masters in education. You know, because he has nothing else to do. His thesis proposal was due last Thursday, and he nailed it (well, I think so anyway). He just has his comprehensive exams this summer and then he'll be done.

Steve is the greatest dad ever. I think everyone knew he'd be great; he's been "dad" to lots of people over the years. While many guys would just sleep through the night, Steve wakes up and offers to change Laney's poopy diapers and rock her back to sleep. Never mind the fact that he has to go to work in the morning or write a thesis proposal. He is so good at calming Delaney down and never seems to be phased when she's bright red from screaming bloody murder.

My husband has also had his hands full with house projects and dealing with a lovely but hormonal pregnant wife/sleep deprived new mommy. 

There are a million more things I could write about Steve, but I'll stop there. I don't know why I ended up so lucky, but life without Steve would be bland and boring. I love Stevie so very much. I know he'll kill me for doing this, but I would love it if people would take the time to write a little comment for Steve. I want him to know how much he is loved by so many people. 

And now, some pictures of Papa Steve:

Hard at work on his grad studies...

Steve: enjoying bath time
Delaney: not so much!


The Hendriks Three said...

happy birthday Steve!
We love seeing all the new pics of you & the baby...
you will never regret taking as many pics as you can- they change sooo fast at this stage of life!

lovemyguys said...

Happy birthday, Steve. You are so special to our entire family. We all love you so much!

Casey Angulo said...

Happy Birthday Steve. You are bomb diggity.

mme. bookling said...

just so you know...every single picture you post i save and steal for my own personal delaney files.

i love the pic of steve studying and holding her.

estephanovitch was paramount in my complilcated college years. he always lovingly supported and challenged me where i needed it. never overbearing, delightfully cranky (i seriously love and identify with this), quiet, funny, calm, and steady...there are very few (maybe one) men i respect more than steven.

i cannot wait to get a steve hug and buy him a pint in honor of 29.

thanks for this post, kbl.

Joshua Solorio said...

Some of you know me, some of you dont. ;-)
I have known steve for about 14ish years. And we have not always been close, but at times we where best friends. But through it all steve has never, and I mean never done anything dishonorable. He is a person who should be looked up too. He is a great, honorable man, who will always do what God calls him too. He has so many talents, and gifts, and yet he would never tell you.
Steve has been in my life through all my ups and downs. And he is one of those friends, where when i look back at my life, I am so much of a better person for having known him.
Im glad you asked us to do this Karen. Steve is a great man.
Steve doesnt give into trends, or styles, or glory. Steve is steve. Steve searves the Lord. And thats why Steve is great.
Happy birthday fool.
I am a better man for knowning you.

christinaandbrian said...

happy birthday steve! karen was lucky to find you. and so was delaney for that matter!

Ryan said...

I'm a couple days late, but Happy Birthday Steve! Keep up the awesome work, it was great to read about all of your accomplishments lately and your positive outlook when the bad stuff happens. I'm wishing you an amazing year

amber said...

we're also a little late but we cannot pass up the opportunity to agree whole heartedly with karen. steve is a wonderful man and is a great friend. matt loves playing music with him and i have loved becoming friends with the dunlaps through the band and having a little band family. all the friends agree: steve (and karen) are role models for all of us! we love you steve and hope it was a wonderful birthday!
love, the pools

Alison said...

Me: "Jack, it's Uncle Steve's birthday!"
Jack: "Uncle Steve is so rowdy."

Happy birthday Steve. You are an incredible guy and you care for your wife better than any man I know. Happy Birthday!

Christina Ellis said...

I don't know Steve very well, but from what I do know of him I think he's awesome! He's always kind, considerate and funny! Seeing him with the babies at lifegroup was always fun, I knew he'd be a great dad! I'm so excited that we're all friends and we get to raise our kids together! Happy birthday Steve!

Annie said...

I just drove past the motel 6 we stayed at on choir tour in Carpinteria on one of your b-days! I believe Josh serenaded you in his tighties and then got thrown out into the parking lot and locked out of the room just for laughs:). I remember I simply couldn't beat you in the prank wars we had in Salt Lake, Trav had to talk me down. I was so immature... I remember you at our wedding in your long hair days. Lots of good times. We are SO SO proud of you Steve, you are and have been a stand out guy in so many ways. Your girls are lucky to have you, happy birthday!

kobbs said...

We kind of hated each other when we met (Semisonic is not THAT bad and the album cover is PRETTY!) - But now I love him like a brother.
Glad to be near you Dunlaps!

Kari Q. said...

ok well this is an extremely belated happy birthday... but to a wonderful friend that I have cherished knowing for 15+ years, happy birthday Stevie! You are an amazing friend, brother, son, husband and (no surprise what so ever) daddy! For being one that has conquered so many feats in the his life, literally one of the most humble humans I know. Don't really know what my life would be like not having the Sailor as part of it! The Quesada's send their birthday wishes...