Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time to party-hardy

In case you haven't heard yet, we are throwing Steve and Mike Rodrigo a graduation party on Saturday, May 2nd at 5 pm. Grand Central Party Station will be located at our home. Apparently we sent the evite to many old email accounts, so if you didn't get an invite, you are hereby officially invited. Unless you're just some creepy blog stalker. Then you can't come. 

PS--Food will be provided, but please bring your beverage of choice to help toast the grads!


Shannon said...

Sadly, Matt is playing at church this weekend, and he can't really back out this late. Sorry. :( Happy graduation, Steve!!!

mme. bookling said...

how can there be a party without me? well i am takin a rain check until may 14 and then, just you wait.

so, you drinking again yet?

Anonymous said...

Karen, this is Michael Pritzl. I am delighted to attend your party. Do you need me to bring champagne or just my guitar?