Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Six Weeks

Today is Delaney's 6 week birthday! Hooray! According to most "experts," babies' fussiness generally peaks at 6 weeks...so we're keeping our fingers crossed!

Miss Delaney is a Fussy Gussy, but she is such a beautiful and sensitive baby that we can hardly wait to get to know her better. She is starting to smile these huge toothless grins, which is such a gift knowing that there really is a little person inside that teeny weeny eating/pooping machine.

This little gal has totally turned our world upside down and we love her for doing so!

Crib time!

Deer in the headlights!

Rocking in her cradle


Shannon said...

I LOVE her. Happy six weeks, sweet girl (and Mama!!!)!!!

The Hendriks Three said...

Great pics...I especially LOVE that last picture!!! It is SO perfect...hope you guys are enjoying every minute! I was needing a "baby" moment tonight so I tried to rock Xander to sleep & he wanted nothing to do with it...only his bed & his blankie ;(

ck2m said...

Happy 6wks glad she is keeping you two on your toes can't wait for you to come visit Oregon.

mme. bookling said...

She is so BEAUTIFUL already. I am aching that she is aging and I still haven't held her and kissed her cheeks and smelled her head and spoiled her.


Leiflet said...

I know that everyone says this about everyone else's baby... but man, she's a cutie. And i know that everyone else also says this, but i really, genuinely, sincerely, truly am excited to meet her. I love the two of you already, so i can't wait to see the Dunlap family extended! Even more to love!